The mechanism of Investment Elevator is a complex program to assistant the development of non-primary companies, having an exports potential. The mechanism is aimed at lifting restrictions and ensuring a dynamic growth of the business to increase the share of exports in the revenues of promising Russian companies.

The initiative is implemented by: the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, Vneshekonombank, the Russian Direct Investment Fund, the Russian Exports Center based on the quadripartite agreement on the assistance to non-primary export-oriented companies. The mechanism of Investment Elevator was approved on May 27, 2015 at the meeting of the Supervisory Board of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives.

Artem Avetisyan

Director of the Direction New Business of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives

Actually, it is important for the country to increase the non-primary exports component and to do it fast enough. The Investment Elevator will allows for solving this problem using financial and non-financial measures. The role of the ASI in this mechanism will be the facilitation and acceleration of procedures to obtain assistance, including lifting of excessive administrative barriers, helping in packaging the projects.

Andrey Nikitin

General Director of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives

We have to support those who manufacture competitive products. Today, there are about 200 companies in Russia who work in this segment and already export their products abroad. We plan to start with them, and then to create a tool which any company could use who is able to export something. We do not want to create tools allocated based on the sectoral principle. I think that any businessman who is able to export must unconditionally receive all the opportunities we are ready to give him, including opportunities for trade missions.

Kirill Dmitriev

President of the Russian Direct Investment Fund

There is a number of medium companies who have a significant potential for growth in Russia, but now they cannot find equity financing as such. The President gave instruction to the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, Vneshekonombank and us (RDIF) to create those products that enable such companies to efficiently develop. On the other part, we are ready to provide the required equity financing. We believe that the Vneshekonombank is able to provide interest debt financing, the ASI can support these projects. It is possible to create 20-30 successful examples of medium companies that grow, including are able to export goods from Russia.

Petr Fradkov

The First Deputy President of the Group of Companies Vneshekonombank, Director of Exar

Earlier, we talked about program of exports financing supports. They are unconditionally demanded. But under actual condition, this is not sufficient: a support system requires both financial and non-financial measures. We will focus on medium companies, as they have the greatest potential to increase the exports.


The main goal of the ?Investment Elevator? mechanism is a comprehensive cooperation between the business and the public executive authorities, development institutions, state financial organization and other ?service? partners responsible for provision of various measures of state support in the process of foreign economic activity.

Administrative support
- Lifting regulatory barriers
- Interaction with public authorities - Interaction with Trade Missions
Support of export contracts
- Insurance - Loans to foreign purchasers
- Guarantees
Debt financing
- Project financing - Working capital for exports
- Equipment leasing
Shared financing
- Participation in the exporter?s capital
- Co-financing of an investment project
Informational support
- Informational support
Advisory support
- Expertise, help in ?packaging? the projects
- Consultations on state support measures - Consultations on foreign markets


Participant in the Investment Elevator mechanism may be

A non-primary sector company, having an exports potential, interested in obtaining non-financial support, as well as financial support aimed at development of its activities, including access to new markets
A company that implements (or plans to implement) an investment Project, under which the products have an exports potential, for which purpose it needs co-financing of investments and non-financial support measures


  • For companies
  • For projects
  • Activities related to a non-primary sector of economy
  • Products having an exports potential
  • A transparent ownership structure (the company is a RF residents; the beneficiaries owning more than 50 pct are RF residents; the share of the state or state-owned companies does not exceed 50 pct)
  • Positive business reputation, stable financial position
  • The Project products relate to a non-primary sector and have a potential for foreign markets access
  • Compliance with the criterion of readiness (the technical feasibility has been confirmed, the scope of investments has been determined, the design and cost estimate documentation has been prepared, a business plan is available)
  • If needed to attract project/investment financing, the own funds of the initiator shall amount to at least 20 pct of the general cost of the project
  • If needed to attract shared financing according to the main requirements of RDIF and the MIR Foundation for transactions.


of application
of application
Providing support
Monitoring of the
Selection of projects
Work with registered application, preliminary selection of companies and projects for expertise (compliance with the selection criteria)
of companies and project, preparation of opinions for the working group

Expert recommendation
Working group
Selection of companies and projects
(collective expert body)

Adoption of the decision on the approval of companies and project to be provided with financial and non-financial support

Financial support

shared/debt financing of Small and Medium Enterprises

Non-financial support




debt financing

financing of exports contracts



shared/debt financing

debt financing


financing of exports contracts

Non-financial support




Collecting data on the deliverables Analysis of the project implementation ïðîåêòà Risks control Coordination of project changes

Working group

The expertise of projects and companies applying for support is carried out by a consultative body the Working Group that ensure the efficiency and transparency of the Investment Elevator mechanism.

DANILOV-DANILYAN Anton Viktorovich

Chairman of the Working Group

Co-Chairman of the All-Russian Public Organization Business Russia, Chairman of the Committee for Investment Policy of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation

VDOVIN Igor Aleksandrovich

Deputy Chairman of the Working Group

Member of the Managing Board of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Chairman of the Managing Board of the Non-Profit Partnership The National Agency for Direct Investment

ALGULYAN Daniil Valerievich
Director of the Department for Exports Financing of the State Corporation The Bank for Development and Foreign Economic Activities (Vneshekonombank)
BASMANOV Konstantin Vladimirovich
Member of the Managing Board of the All-Russian Public Organization of Small and Medium Entrepreneurship SUPPORT OF RUSSIA, Deputy Chairman of the Mananing Board of the Promsvyazbank Public Joint-Stock Company
BRAVERMAN Anatoly Aleksandrovich
First Deputy General Director, Member of the Managing Board of the RDIF Managing Company Limited Liability Company
GLUKHOVA Maria Nikolaevna
Managing Director for the Economic Policy and Competitiveness of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs
KALININ Aleksandr Sergeevich
President of the All-Russian Public Organization of Small and Medium Entrepreneurship SUPPORT OF RUSSIA
KUROCHKIN Dmitry Nikolaevich
Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation
LARIN Aleksandr Sergeevich
Deputy Director of the Direction New Business of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives
NEDOROSLEV Sergey Georgievich
Ñî-chairman of the All-Russian Public Organization Business Russia
REPIK Aleksey Engenievich
President of the All-Russian Public Organization Business Russia
MALGIN Daniil Vladimirovich

Executive Secretary of the Working Group

Head of the Department for System Projects of the Direction New Business of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives