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Supervisory Board and Expert Council

The Supervisory Board is ASI’s supreme collegial management body, chaired by the President of the Russian Federation Mr. Vladimir Putin.

The Supervisory Board’s competence includes: amending ASI Charter; decision-making on ASI’s strategy and activity priorities; approval of projects and initiatives; approval of cost estimates; approval of the annual report; establishment of branches and representative offices. The decisions of the Supervisory Board are mandatory for ASI’s Director General and Management Board. 

Aide to the President of the Russian Federation, ASI’s Director General and Chairman of ASI's Expert Council are ex officio members of ASI’s Supervisory Board.
ASI’s Supervisory Board may include the President of the Russian Federation with his consent as Chairman of the Supervisory Board.
The Supervisory Board acts on a permanent basis and is convened by the Chairman of the Supervisory Board as required, at least once a quarter.
The members of the Supervisory Board perform their duties on a voluntary basis.
The membership of the Supervisory Board is approved by the Government of the Russian Federation.

Vladimir Putin
President of the Russian Federation, Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Andrey Belousov
First Deputy Head of Government of the Russian Federation
Herman Gref
President, Chairman of the Board, Sberbank PJSC
Aleksey Dyumin
Governor of Tula region
Aleksandr Kalinin
President of OPORA Russia All-Russian Non-Governmental Organization of Small and Medium business
Sergey Katyrin
President of Chamber of Industry and Commerce of the Russian Federation
Alexey Komissarov
General Director of the autonomous non-commercial organization "Russia - the Land of Opportunities"
Rustam Minnikhanov
Head of the Republic of Tatarstan
Sergey Morozov
Deputy of the State Duma, First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Regional Policy and Local Self-Government
Andrey Nikitin
Governor of Novgorod region
Maksim Oreshkin
Aide to the President of the Russian Federation
Aleksey Repik
Chairman of Business Russia All-Russian Non-Governmental Organization
Maksim Reshetnikov
Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
Sergey Sobyanin
Mayor of Moscow
Svetlana Chupsheva
ASI’s Director General
Aleksandr Shokhin
President of Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP) All-Russian Non-Governmental Organization
Igor Shuvalov
Chairman of VEB.RF State Development Corporation
The Expert Council is ASI’s advisory collegial body, comprising the representatives of the expert community.

The Expert Council examines projects and initiatives, and develops recommendations on the agenda of the meetings of the Supervisory Board and proposed drafts of its decisions.

The Expert Council acts on a permanent basis as ASI’s expert and consultancy body.
The members of the Expert Council perform their duties on a voluntary basis, or under other conditions defined by ASI’s Management Board.
The membership of the Expert Council is approved by ASI’s Management Board.
The Chairman of the Expert Council is a member of ASI’s Supervisory Board and is approved in accordance with the procedure for forming the Supervisory Board.
The order of activity of the Expert Council is determined by ASI’s Expert Council Ordinance.
ASI’s Expert Council comprises the representatives of the expert, business communities, government bodies and academia.
ASI’s Expert Council members may be re-elected an unlimited number of times.

For more information on ASI’s Expert Council, please be advised to refer to:

Georgy Belozerov
Corporate Director
+7 495 690-9129 ext. 105
Anton Nikolaev
Project Director of the ASI Partner and Expert Network Development Center

Igor Shuvalov
Chairman of the State Development Corporation VEB.RF, Chairman of the Expert Council
Alexey Sitnikov
Vice President for Community Development and Communications, Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology
Marina Abramova
Director of FSBI "Roskultcenter"
Arutyun Avetisyan
Deputy President of the RAS, Director of the Institute of System Programming of the RAS
Andrey Adrianov
Vice-President of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Anastasia Alekhnovich
Deputy General Director of the Analytical Center of Moscow
Boris Aleshin
Co-Head of the Aeronet NTI Working Group; Scientific director of the National Researcher Center «Zhukovsky Institute»
Anatoly Artamonov
Representative of the executive authority of the Kaluga Region in the Federation Council
Galina Balandina
Director of the Center for Support of Foreign Trade
Gohar Barseghyan
Director of the Integration Development Department of the Eurasian Economic Commission
Andrey Bezrukov
Associate Professor of the Department of Applied Analysis of International Problems of MGIMO; President of the Technological Sovereignty Exports Association
Dmitry Belousov
Head of the Department of the Center for Macroeconomic Processes Analysis and Forecasting
Olga Belyakova
Commercial Director of the Franco-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Svetlana Bik
Head of the expert-analytical platform "Infrastructure and Finance of Sustainable Development"
Anna Bitova
Chairman of the Board of the Center for Therapeutic Pedagogy "Special Childhood"