ASI has launched a competition of digital solutions for the regions

At the Russian investment forum in Sochi on February 15, the Agency for strategic initiatives (ASI) announced the start of the digital solutions competition, which is due to the creation and implementation products developed on the basis of data will contribute to the socio-economic development of the regions.

"The Agency will become a platform for the technological customer to develop digital solutions for the regions and create a large analytical database in the context of all industries. We see this prospect in 8 areas: public services, health care, education, cadastral registration, tourism and culture, agriculture, social sphere, urban environment. We invite IT professionals, professionals working with big data that may come to us with their knowledge, competence, skills," - said General Director of the Agency Svetlana Chupshewa.

As stressed by the head of the project center ASI for the integration of STI with the program "Digital economy" Faith Adaeva, the competition aims to attract IT and data specialists to the solution of problems of regions and today for the first time at the same table brought together the heads of regions and representatives of the IT community. "We are pleased to act as a guide between them, to build effective communication and to form a digital environment of interaction."

For the participants of the competition provides an opportunity to put into practice their ideas to create large-scale data-solutions for the state, affecting the lives of a large number of people.

The competition will be held in 3 stages.

Stage I / February 15 – March 25

The competition tasks from the regions

Each region can address its own "problem", the jury will help to formulate them more accurately. A prerequisite will be the presentation of the data required for the solution. This stage will allow us to formulate tasks that will find a solution in digital products in the future. A data map will also be formed and the level of data availability in the regions will be determined.

For example, the essence of the task is related to the mechanisms and creation of recommendation and forecast models, including:

  • the siting and development of infrastructure
  •  measures to support citizens
  •  measures to support entrepreneurs
  •  monitoring the use of natural resources and other

Phase II / from 5 April

Decision contest

Competition of IT teams and data specialists in the formulation of ideas and creation of prototypes of data-based products to solve the problem of regions. This stage will allow us to look at the already established relations and processes with a "fresh look" and make non-standard suggestions.

Stage III

Competition of implementations

Any idea requires testing and implementation in real conditions. Each region will be able to take our proposed data maps and hypotheses to try to build their work on the basis of data and review administrative processes. Many solutions are cross-cutting and can be used for several purposes, problems.

Svetlana Chupshewa told what would receive each of the participants. Regions in exchange for the data provided - the best solutions, which they do not have today, data-specialists and analysts - a good array of data for all regions in the sectoral context. ASI will provide both motivation system, grant support and awarding of the best solutions.

"As a result of the competition in February, we will put cool solutions for replication throughout the country in our "smart" library of smart practices", - said the Director General of ASI.