Deputy Head of the Ministry of Education reported 14 Kvantoriums to be opened by the end of the year

: Valeriy Matitsyn | TASS

As part of the Education national project, around 20 new tech parks Kvantoriums will have been opened in 14 regions of Russia by the end of the year. This was stated by the deputy head of the Ministry of Education Marina Rakova, as the portal The Future of Russia. National Projects reports.

According to Marina Rakova, by the end of the year Kvantoriums will operate in 76 regions of the country and the network will comprise at least 110 venues. 89 Kvantorium tech parks now operate in 62 regions of Russia. Deputy Minister noted that a number of projects prepared by Kvantorium students are already at the monetization and commercialization stage, as well as are being launched in various industries, e.g. the military.

"A major outcome for me is that teenagers graduating from the additional education system make their way toward universities and choose virtually all engineering majors in higher education institutions," Marina Rakova emphasized.

Stationary and mobile children's Kvantorium tech parks are created as part of the project Success of Each Child included in the Education national project. Thus, 245 children's Kvantorium tech parks and 340 mobile tech parks will have been opened in Russia by 2024.

The objective of Kvantorium is to create an environment for the accelerated development of children aged 5 to 18 in the scientific and technical field and building of inventive thinking in the younger generation. For this purpose, the country is developing a system of innovative platforms for children's intellectual development.

Training is performed under 13 programs: Autokvantum, Aerokvantum, Datakvantum, IT-Kvantum, VR/AR-Kvantum, Biokvantum, Geokvantum, Cosmokvantum, Nanokvantum, Industrial Design Kvantum, Industrial Robotics Kvantum, Hi-Tech, and Energykvantum. Presently, 80,000 children attend classes in tech parks and another 600,000 are involved in events held by the Kvantorium network.


Children’s tech parks Kvantorium is a chain of new-format children additional education platforms built upon the principles of state and private partnership, network interaction and best pedagogical practices. Tech parks educational programs include real cases and tasks on prospective scientific and technical directions, children acquire skills of modern laser technologies, neurotechnologies, unmanned aviation, software development, 3D modeling and other courses.

The project Children’s technoparks Kvantorium is supported by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives and is implemented within the ASI initiative “New Model of Additional Children’s Education”. The idea to create methodical model centers on the basis of children’s technoparks in the educational sector was taken as a foundation of a priority project Accessible Additional Education for Children approved by the Presidential Council for Strategic Development and Priority Projects of the Russian Federation.