ASI and NTI Platform to develop production innovations and technologies in Saudi Arabia

: Tatyana Masterova | ASI Press service

The Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI), National Technology Initiative (NTI) Platform, and the National Industrial Cluster Development Program of Saudi Arabia agreed on cooperation on October 14.

As part of a state visit, a memorandum was signed by the head of the ASI Svetlana Chupsheva, General Director of NTI Platform Dmitriy Peskov, and Minister of Industry and Mineral Resources of Saudi Arabia, Chairman of the Board of the Industrial Cluster Development Program Bandar Alkhorayef.

The parties agreed to strengthen trade, industrial, and economic ties between two countries, develop production innovations, technologies, and human capital, as well as improve the investment climate.

The ASI will share with colleagues from Saudi Arabia its experience of reforming human capital development for industrial growth.

This involves modernizing Russian vocational training models in line with WorldSkills International standards, as well as introducing a dual education model in Russia and the regional standard for human resources for industrial growth. In addition, the Agency will provide the results of skill demand forecasting, including the Atlas of Emerging Jobs.

NTI Platform will share the skill development model, including data on University 20.35, roadmaps for the development of out-of-class activities, and the CDO training program. Moreover, Saudi colleagues will learn about the developments and use of the Rapid Foresight methodology.

The parties will also look into the possibility of opening the Boiling Point team space in Saudi Arabia, exchanging students between two countries, and launching by NTI Platform of a pilot CDO program in the Kingdom.

The ASI and NTI Platform will provide the Saudi Arabians with the management model for the country's technological development and the information on projects in this sphere. The Agency will serve as the "entrance window" for the Saudi Industrial Cluster Development Program and other organizations that will get an understanding of the Russian innovation ecosystem, as well as with businesses, corporations, and research centers.

For their part, colleagues from Saudi Arabia will share data on industrial development as part of the national strategy development program Saudi Vision 2030. Through the Industrial Cluster Development Program, the ASI and NTI Platform will be able to learn about Saudi organizations involved in the Kingdom's technological development. The parties are expected to create a strategic alliance for the development and global promotion of technological standards for future innovative technologies.

At the same time, the ASI will share its experience of reforming the investment climate in the production sector of the Russian economy, including the National Business Initiative for advancing Russia in the World Bank's Doing Business rating. The Agency will consult Saudi business persons and investors to help them enter the Russian market. Russian entrepreneurs can expect similar supportive measures. It is also planned to create a Saudi-Russian Support Fund as part of the Cluster Enabler Fund initiative for investment promotion in the Kingdom.