Russia must make top 10 of Doing Business list

: Tatyana Masterova | ASI Press service

According to the statement of Chairman of VEB.RF Igor Shuvalov made during the setting session of the Expert Board of Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI), current position of Russia in the World Bank's Doing Business Rating (ease of doing business index) is below the country's ambitions.

“Even 28th position is below our ambitions. If we intend to realize our national development agenda as it was stated by the President and if we aim to become one of the five most developed countries, we must ensure a place within top-five countries of the ease of doing business index. This must be done as soon as possible,” said Igor Shuvalov who leads ASI Expert Board.

He called National Entrepreneurial Initiative (NEI), which was a factor in Russia’s movement upwards in the Doing Business Rating, the most important of the projects realized by ASI. Mr. Shuvalov also promised to continue this work on his new position.

“This was not merely cooperation of experts and the Government. I will be glad to continue the development of this project, taking into account new object matter and purport. With your support, I will strive to bring these activities to a higher level of organization, within a shorter time and with even more considerable results,” said Chairman of VEB.RF.

Igor Shuvalov was appointed Chairman of ASI Expert Board following the Supervisory Council session held on September 18, 2019. The first session of the revised lineup of ASI Expert Board was held on November, 21, at the ‘Boiling Point’ venue of ASI in Moscow.


Expert Board is a standing review and consulting body of ASI, which carries out expert examination of projects and initiatives, as well as develops recommendations on the agenda of Supervisory Council. ASI experts may be members of several special work groups. They are also authorized to initiate the establishment of new work groups and provide mentor support to project leaders.