Know-how by "Kuzbass Sorbents" entered the Top 100 of best world industrial innovative technologies

Developed by the Russian company "Kuzbass Sorbents" for gas separation, air, and water purification, carbon sorbent entered the ranking of the best world industrial innovative technologies. The ranking organizers are China International Science and Technology Exchange Center (CISTE) and Zhongguancun Science Park Management Committee, known as "Chinese Silicon Valley." The ranking results were presented at the Zhongguancun-2020 Forum, one of the key Chinese platforms for the development of international innovative cooperation.

LLC "Kuzbass Sorbents" is engaged in scientific research in coal chemistry. The company produces and implements sorbents (substances that absorb gas, steam, etc. from the environment) and activated carbon on its own patented technology. One of the company's competitive advantages is a lower (by 1.5 times) cost of solutions compared to European analogues. ASI assists "Kuzbass Sorbents" in entering the market of large industrial companies and organizations of water supply and drainage to test decisions.

"We are actively developing our export potential, and China is an up-and-coming market for us, Alexander Berveno, general director and co-owner of LLC "Kuzbass Sorbents," said, "in 2019 we signed an agreement with the Sino-Russian center of technology transfer. Now we continue negotiations and are to start shipments of our activated carbon to China next year after we finish tests of our product."

"We have already conducted testing for large potential customers in Great Britain and Japan; their annual demand for our company's products exceeds 2,500 tons. Our production is constantly in demand in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Germany, the Czech Republic, and other countries," Mr. Berveno highlighted.

We recall that the ASI Expert Council has approved the company's project on the development of carbon sorbents this June. The Agency provides support to "Kuzbass Sorbents" in cooperation with relevant executive bodies and development institutions in the obtainment of possible supportive measures and guiding of a decision for the needs of potential customers. The company is also interested in attracting private investors for the expansion of production and access to foreign markets.