ASI Public Officials Made It to All Russian Regions

A significant amount of representatives – 17, have joined the urban development programme. Three officials will join the "Education and Staff" programme and seven officials will work with "Social Projects". "Business and Technologies" and "Tourism" will have six more officials. The multiple selection has ended with 623 public officials assigned in Russian regions.

"As part of its network transformation, the agency is cooperating with tens and hundreds of thousands of people from all over the country. To organise this communication, we are widening the network of our public officials who work with the target audiences at the forefront. Today, we have finally put together a huge network team, and now have representatives in all regions," Deputy Head, Network Director of the ASI Georgiy Belozerov noted.

The main goal of the officials is to support enterprising people in promoting their ideas and projects using the set of tools and services provided by ASI. In this regard, the public officials are implementing the Agency's projects and initiatives in the region, coordinating the expert team work, organising the meetings of informal clubs for strategic initiatives, and helping to find and replicate the best social and economic development ideas.

The public officials are selected once or more times in a year depending on the amount of officials required in a particular region.

The key criteria for the candidates are their reputation and expertise in the domain area serving the aims and goals of the Agency.

The selection procedure is as follows: after announcement of the selection, candidates apply for a Leader-ID, suggest their solutions for cases, and record a short video interview. Afterwards, ASI's officials from different sectors pre-select the qualified candidates and then hold personal interviews.