ASI Created Regional Expert Network

ASI has created a team of the regional expert network covering the entire country. It includes over eight thousand of experts. Tourism and AI&Data became new work areas. According to the number of expert members the top 5 regions are:

  • Moscow - nearly 470 experts 

  • Saint Petersburg - over 300

  • Sverdlovsk oblast - nearly 230

  • Rostov oblast - nearly 220

  • Moscow region - over 200

The ASI expert network unites professionals both from commercial and non-commercial organisations, business and industry associations, research facilities, development institutes, social, scientific and educational organisations. The experts' main goal within the ecosystem of ASI is to develop solutions and recommendations about the development risks and opportunities in the industries and professions that influence the achievement of the national goals.

The project on the creation of the regional expert network was already launched at the beginning of the past year. The results the network achieved last year:

  • Nearly 950 experts participated in the efficiency assessment of the anti-crisis support measures for business

  • Over 1.6 thousand professionals worked on the crowd-sourcing platform of the Powerful Ideas for a New Times Forum with projects and comments on suggestions of other participants

  • Over 500 experts suggested their own ideas for the forum

  • Nearly 90 experts made a detailed assessment and helped to improve the initiatives on the platform for the exchange of successful practices Smarteka

The experts also refined issues regarding the national projects and programmes:

  • Education national project:

    1. A discussion of a new regulatory system project in education
    2. The expert's review on the ToRs and gathering of the ideas on making amends in the national project
  • The discussion of the plan of the main events held during the Decade of Childhood

  • The survey of the social businessmen and socially oriented NPO

  • The expert assessment of the regional support measures

  • Discussion of the draft standard for the involvement of citizens in solving issues of urban environment development

  • The selection and preparation of the experts via AI&Data, participation in data hackathons of World AI&Data Challenge

  • The online education survey in universities and colleges

  • The appraisal of the projects at the best practices contest among the BRICS countries

For joining the ASI expert community send an application on the site of ASI and take part in the tendering procedure. The agency receives the applications for the regional expert groups in all regions in following areas: Social projects, Health care, Demography, Sport and healthy lifestyle, Social business and socially oriented NPO, Corporate social responsibility and philanthropy, Voluntary work, Humane treatment of animals, Leadership development, Entrepreneurship and technologies, Business, Industry, Digital economy, Education and staff, Staffing support of industrial growth, General and additional education, New technologies in higher education, Urban development, Tourism and AI&Data.

The expert groups are created to study and spread the effective solutions that ensure industry development, to form proposals for improving the regulatory environment and overcoming barriers that limit socio-economic development, as well as to compile proposals for the implementation of the agency's initiatives and projects in the regions.

Members of the regional expert groups form part of the ASI expert community, use the agency's information, methodology and image support, its materials, information and knowledge, and interact with ecosystem participants from different regions.