ASI-Supported Sorbent Development Project Enters Turkish and Tajikistan Markets

: Alexander Kolbasov | TASS

General Director and a co-owner of Kuzbass Sorbents Aleksander Berveno told the editorial office of about the development of the Russian hydrocarbon sorbent and activated carbon industry as well as about his plans to expand manufacturing capacities and to increase export of products. Last June, the Expert Council of ASI approved the company project on the hydrocarbon sorbent development.

“This year, we received requests for more than 500 tons from Turkey, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. We continue to search for partners in the Chinese market and are participating in the Russian-Chinese accelerating competition arranged by the Moscow Innovation Cluster and its partners from China,” said the participant in the conversation with the agency.

In 2019-2020, the company tested its materials in Japan, Great Britain and Israel. According to Berveno, Russian sorbents are in high demand in foreign markets as they are 1.5 times cheaper than the western ones.

The current production capacity of the company is 60 tons of sorbents per year, but, by 2022, the owners plan to “will have produced 700 to 900 tons per year” and smoothly increase the output to 3,000 tons per year, said Berveno. In the meantime, it is planned to export 50% of products.

The Russian market of hydrocarbon sorbents required for gas separation, air and water purification is growing steeply, stated Berveno. In two years, the market has almost doubled after the launch of new chemical, petrochemical, mining and waste recycling plants using sorbents during operation.

“The drivers of the Russian sorbent market are LNG (liquefied natural gas) plants, waste recycling plants and gas and water purification projects at factories. Due to rapid market growth, we are also planning to expand our production capacities and are looking for investors and a manufacturing site for scaling the project in Kuzbass,” said Berveno.

Kuzbass Sorbents deals with research and development works in carbon chemistry, produces and sells sorbents and activated carbon according to its own patented technology of low temperature steam gas activation.

“Our sorbents and activated carbon are distinguished by a unique composition. One of binding materials is a compound granule component that other Russian manufacturers do not utilize. Its application enabled to reduce dustiness and increase strength compared to other materials based on other binding elements,” emphasized the owner of the company.

The new technology for the production of powder and granular activated carbon and sorbents is characterized by the “controllable extraction of the necessary number of separate molecules of carbon from raw coal with the creation of pores of the required size and the formation of necessary properties.” The sorbent manufacturing process does not require alkaline activation, acid cleaning and carbonization; using low temperature steam gas activation enables to reduce power consumption by 20-30%.

Sorbents produced by the company are certified and applicable for industrial water and waste discharge filtration, including mine waters, purification of smoke gases, extraction of hydrogen, processing of landfill gases, coke gases, coalmine methane, natural gas purification and gold extraction.

ASI assists Kuzbass Sorbents in communication with authorities and development institutes to get support and to adjust solutions for the needs of potential customers.