ASI-Supported Inclusive Camp Project Named One of the Best World Practices

The Druzhny New City Program was named one of the best practices devoted to the promotion of sustainable development goals (SDGs) and the creation of an inclusive environment following the results of the UN competition.

The best practice competition held by the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs gathered international, regional and state organizations, companies and an academic community with projects and initiatives aimed to achieve one or more SDGs.

The Druzhny inclusive full-day camp in the Perm Region was one of the winners. The ASI-supported project enabled to create a space in the region for social activities and interaction of children and youth with special needs and healthy teenagers.

“The activities within the program are adapted for children with more than 23 diagnoses. In our camp, young participants get on well with each other and help each other to achieve new victories and make discoveries. They grow together, become stronger, more courageous, kind and talented,” said Olga Zubkova, the author of the program.

Last year, the Agency for Strategic Initiatives included the Druzhny New City in the list of 14 federal projects on the creation of an inclusive environment, children leisure and tourism. The program has also been awarded the Rybakov Prize, an international award for philanthropists in education.