Uzbekistan to implement investment climate rating of its regions with help of ASI

National investment climate rating will be introduced in the Uzbekistan regions. This decision was a result of Svetlana Chupsheva’s meeting with Laziz Kudratov, Director of the Republic’s Agency for Strategic Development (ASD), local media inform.

“National investment climate rating proved to be not only and not so much an assessment tool of the authorities’ efficiency but also a useful mechanism of business conditions enhancement in general. We’re glad our experience was of use for our Uzbekistan colleagues. We’ve already imparted the rating technique to the Republic’s Agency for Strategic Development and we’re ready to continue our work in this project,” said Svetlana Chupsheva, ASI Director General.

Both meeting parties agreed that investment climate rating will help objectively assess authorities’ work on business conditions enhancement in the regions, including small businesses, as well as monitor regulatory environment, business institutions, necessary infrastructure and resources.

When implemented correctly, the rating will help making it a better investment opportunity, cultivate its business environment and find the best business practices for all the regions.

The meeting parties settled the matter of the obligatory plan of collective actions on the development of bilateral cooperation.

In early October, ASI held an on-line meeting with representatives of ASD and the Russian and Uzbekistan regions, where Russian experts shared their experience with the implementation of national investment climate rating. Svetlana Chupsheva confirmed then that the agency is ready to share its methodology and techniques when working with the investment climate rating. In his turn, Laziz Kudratov expressed his gratitude to ASI and voiced a hope that the investment climate rating will be successfully implemented in the Republic and will make it a better investment opportunity.