ASI and Agency for Strategic Development of Uzbekistan has signed a Memorandum of cooperation

The Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI), the Agency for Strategic Development (ASD) of Uzbekistan, the NTI Platform and the University 2035 have signed a Memorandum of cooperation. The agreement provides for sharing best practices, competencies, development of modern mechanisms that contribute to improving the investment climate, socio-economic development of regions, improving the living standard, and are generally aimed at strengthening friendly ties between Russia and Uzbekistan.

The document was signed by Svetlana Chupsheva (ASI Director General), Laziz Kudratov (First Deputy Minister of Trade and Investment of Uzbekistan, ASD Director Genera)l, Dmitry Peskov (Director General of the NTI Platform) and Nina Yanykina (Director General, Rector of the University 2035).

According to Svetlana Chupsheva – the signed agreement continues the work that ASI has already been conducting with colleagues from Uzbekistan.

“This is, actually, a strategic alliance where we work together on a parity basis on joint programs and projects” said the ASI Director General – “It is important for us not just to share best practices, but also set common standards in assessing regions and a joint development agenda. Today, this agenda is quite broad: personnel training, joint technological projects, we are considering development of Boiling Points, the format of collective work spaces in Uzbekistan.”

According to Laziz Kudratov (Head of ASR of Uzbekistan) – the roadmap approved by the Memorandum figures out 15 fields of cooperation between ASI and ASR.

Russian experts are already sharing their experience in developing strategic documents, measures and mechanisms in order to support work with investors. ASI will also provide a set of ready-made solutions and best practices in business regulation.

In addition, the parties are planning joint projects in education. According to Svetlana Chupsheva – today it is necessary to form joint requests for educational programs in demand among entrepreneurs of both Russia and Uzbekistan.

“The investment attractiveness of countries and the increasing competitiveness of economies depends on the competitiveness of personnel, in which direction we are considering cooperation, partnership with educational organizations of Uzbekistan,” added Nina Yanykina, Rector of the University 2035.