ASI launches Mentor School for projects in the field of education

Project leaders and their teams selected as part of the 100 Leaders in the Development of New Approaches in Education initiative of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI) are going to attend the new school.

“It is vitally important for us that the leaders of the projects has been supported by the ASI for three years not only successfully implement their ideas, but also form a system of involvement and support of communities that develop new formats and breakthrough solutions in the field of education,” commented Yuliya Khanzhina (Deputy Head of Young Professionals Direction, ASI). She added “Thus, we decided to offer our leaders an opportunity to master mentoring tools and design a mentor’s trajectory for themselves, share their extensive experience and become a mentor of leader-to-leader projects.”

The program is run by the team of My Future, Center for Methodological Support of Mentoring, with master’s students of the Moscow City Pedagogical University invited as tutors.

The classes are organized online and will run until the 21 of December. The first meeting is going to take place on the 24 of November. 

The program, in itself, includes:

  • Online classes and written materials on the topics: “Definitions and General Principles of Mentoring”; “Mentoring as an Evidence-Based Social Practice”; “Individual Mentoring: Implementation Options”; “Top-Down Mentoring and Peer-to-Peer Mentoring”; “Development of Mentor and Mentee Skills and Exercises”; “Mentoring in Small Groups”.
  • Mentor School information and consulting channel in Telegram.
  • Training mentoring sessions.
  • Step-by-step testing with certificates and recommendations given following the results.