ASI to support eight new technology projects

The Working Group of the Expert Council of ASI has approved eight new business projects for support in the field of improving industrial energy efficiency, innovative construction technologies, artificial intelligence, environment management and human safety.

The Agency will assist project teams in cooperation with the relevant ministries, regions and expert organizations, present business projects to large companies and state institutions for testing and implementation, advise on financing programs and export promotion of solutions.

Implementation of ARKON, a Complex Additive Technology of Construction 3D Printing

The project leaders are Boris Kozlov (Founder and CEO of Arkon Construction, LLC) and Maksim Bezrukov (Executive Director). Their company is developing a comprehensive additive technology of 3D construction printing, which includes the development of 3D printing equipment, specialized mixtures for additive manufacturing (with nano-additives), optimized building designs.

The company constructs residential buildings with an area of up to 300 sq. m. and up to three floors high. With construction 3D printing, construction allows four times faster (the house is printed entirely right on the construction site), the construction time for all turnkey structures is 1 to 2 months. This technology also helps developers to reduce costs, in particular, up to 60% on the payroll. Construction generates 50% less waste, no formwork is required. In addition, the technology is more environmentally friendly and safer than traditional construction methods.

Project “ROBIN – a platform for Creating Digital Employees”

The project leader is Pavel Sergeev (Executive Director, co-owner of ROBIN, LLC).

The platform is designed to create “digital employees” to perform routine operations cheaper, faster and with a more stable result than the staff. Each robot can replace up to four people, works non-stop and is immune to the human factor.

Robots not only simulate the elementary actions of an employee in corporate systems (through the use of RPA technology), but also allow an entity to perform a routine business process entirely.

Project “Pulsed Jet-Cavitation Units for Pipe Surface Cleaning from Process Lubricants (PJC)”

The project leader is Sergey Sirotkin (CEO, co-founder of Trubmetprom STC, a Chelyabinsk company). His company develops innovative automated units for pulsed jet-cavitation (PJC) water cleaning of pipe surfaces from process lubricants. The technology has no analogues in Russia. Its application makes it possible to increase energy efficiency and environmental safety, improve the productivity of pipe and rolled metal surface cleaning processes in nuclear power, mechanical engineering, and metallurgy.

The solution helps to abandon the energy-intensive process of constant heating of working solutions or melts, to exclude heat-degreasing furnaces from the technological cycle. Energy consumption is reduced by 10-20 times. Due to the use of pulse-jet treatment, the cleaning time of pipes is reduced, and productivity increases by 2-3 times. The technology provides higher environmental safety, since chemical reagents are not used for cleaning pipes, consequently, there is no need to neutralize working solutions and install exhaust ventilation.

Project “CtrlHack – Platform for Simulating Cyberattack Techniques”

The project leader is Maxim Pyatakov (Deputy Director General, co-founder of ControlHack, LLC).

The Moscow-based ControlHack is developing platforms for simulating cyberattack techniques that allow customers to assess how efficiently the customer’s security tools, processes and personnel work in relation to real hacker threats.

The number of cyberattacks, in terms of the complexity and the damage caused are growing every year. According to experts, even trained cyber defense units fail to detect 30 to 70% of attack techniques in the organization’s network in time. Often, the staff does not know whether the security features are working correctly in all network segments.

The company’s product allows them to simulate more than 200 hacking techniques. The simulation scenarios are open, and may be changed at any time, plus custom ones may be created. With CtrlHack, the detection efficiency of hacker techniques increases to 30-50%.

Project “Orlan Construction Ecosystem”

The project leader is Andrey Lupiy (Director General, owner of ORLAN, LLC).

The Moscow-based ORLAN has created ORLAN System, an online platform which unites all construction market players into a single information network. The development enables them to make transparent transactions, buy goods directly from trusted manufacturers.

The solution provides access to the entire range of tools for transactions in the construction industry, including the sale of in-house produced goods and services, the implementation of smart contracts that automate payments between the parties to the transaction. ORLAN System conducts electronic document management, performs financial processing.

On the platform, suppliers undergo due diligence and independent quality control of goods with open test results (through partner construction laboratories).

Project “EcoBox Disinfection Devices”

The project leader is Vladimir Sadkov (Director General and co-owner of ECOBOX, LLC).

The Moscow-based ECOBOX develops and produces personal and industrial devices for complex protection of human health from dangerous viruses and bacteria. The product line includes both personal devices (for disinfection of small personal items) and industrial solutions (for disinfection of elevators, escalators, offices and shopping malls).

The company uses a comprehensive and customized approach to the development and design of devices, their shape, application and functionality based on the proven UV irradiation technologies and a set of various sensors for processing control. The project has passed clinical tests at the Institute of Microbiology and Epidemiology of the N. F. Gamaleya National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology.

Project “TurboContract Document Designer”

Project leader is Aleksey Dyachenko (Director General and co-owner of Umnaya Avtomatizatsiya, LLC).

Umnatya Avtomatizatsiya has developed a software platform designed to accelerate and automate work with standard documents, including contracts, orders, powers of attorney, technical specifications, HSE documents, personnel, regulatory and technical documentation, etc.

The system allows to create documents based on a variety of templates, coordinate them with employees of the organization or contractors online without sending dozens of versions of documents by e-mail and manage the materials approval process. The platform provides the ability to automatically maintain a register of concluded contracts, and a database of counterparties. You can upload your templates, edit documents, and keep edit histories.

By automating the processes of creating and approving documents, the system speeds up the workflow in the company by three times.

Digital Ecology Project

The Moscow-based Big Three headed by its CEO Artem Sedov has created a single ecosystem of digital solutions for all waste management players.

The project is able to cover all data on waste in our country, taking into account the specifics of each region. The platform works with various types of waste, including municipal solid, industrial and construction waste, as well as medical and hazardous waste. The advantage of the ecosystem is the predictive analysis of any situations, built on the mathematical apparatus developed by the project team and implemented in the program code.

The company’s solution builds optimal routes for garbage trucks, forms various development scenarios for the waste management industry in a region and make long-term projections, as well as predict changes in the tariff for waste removal in these scenarios. The new solutions include, in particular, the assistance to regional operators in detecting legal entities that do not pay for garbage collection, the development of a single SmartWaste waste marketplace, as well as the Back to Business platform, which will become the first platform in Russia that unites buyers and sellers of recyclables.

Last year, efforts were made to support the Waste Management software and hardware package, one of the company’s developments approved by ASI experts for replication in the regions. Moreover, the “Big Three” with the idea of developing and launching a comprehensive ecosystem project for waste management made it to the final of the “Strong Ideas for the New Time” forum organized by ASI jointly with the Roscongress Foundation. The Agency assisted the project team in presenting their project to the management of the Russian Environmental Operator and authorities of a number of regions.