ASI to take into account new regional investment standard in the National Rating

The Agency will verify compliance of constituent entities with the investment standard through a business survey. In 2022, this will not affect the position of the regions in the rating.

From the year 2023, the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI) plans to start taking into account the introduction of a new regional investment standard developed by the Ministry of Economic Development in a National Rating of the Investment Climate of Constituent Entities of the Russian Federation. Svetlana Chupsheva (Director General of the Agency) told this at a meeting with Maksim Reshetnikov, Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation.

According to her, in 2022 the standard will be taken into account outside the rating, since now 12 pilot regions are engaged in its implementation. They form investment declarations, agencies and committees. The Ministry of Economic Development is preparing to approve the second part of the regional investment standard: an investment map, a register of investment projects and a set of investment rules with optimal terms of connection to the infrastructure. The development was performed by Andrey Belousov, First Deputy Prime Minister.

In a year, there will be more regions with all the elements implemented, and compliance with the standard will affect the position of a constituent entity in the national rating.

“Every six months, ASI will check the implementation of the regional investment standard,” Maxim Reshetnikov said. “For an investor – the region, where the client’s route, document flow, and the number of instances are reduced to the maximum will be more attractive. The fact that implementation of the regional investment standard will be taken into account in the national rating is going to become an additional motivation for constituent entities to comply with the best investment practices of the country.”

Currently, the Agency for Strategic Initiatives is already measuring some of the parameters according to which the Ministry of Economic Development has developed the so-called investor “client paths” (electricity connection, issuance of construction permits and registration of property rights). Starting next year, the list of constituent entities will expand, in addition, the processes of connection to the gas pipeline, connection to water supply and sanitation facilities, commissioning of the facility, as well as leasing of land plots will be assessed.

“We started working on creating the minimum necessary institutions and services for investors in the regions in ASI back in 2012, when a regional investment standard was developed and approved for implementation in all constituent entities of the Russian Federation,” Svetlana Chupsheva said. “Now, based on the requests of entrepreneurs themselves, new requirements for the support of investment projects have been formed. And, of course, for a qualitative assessment of the work to be done by regional management teams, the National Rating of the Investment Climate is the best fit.”

The Head of the Ministry of Economic Development and ASI Director General have also discussed cooperation on projects as part of experimental legal regimes in healthcare, social protection and employment.

Another topic of the meeting was the development of cooperation between the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia and ASI on the development of a training model for the economy of North Caucasus. Currently, a pilot training program is being developed. It is aimed at improving the skills of teachers and specialists in industrial training of secondary vocational education.