The Republic of Belarus starts replicating Smarteka entrepreneurship support practices

Belarus expressed interest in implementing two projects originated in Tatarstan and published on Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI)’s Smarteka platform: the Proven Business service focused on improving legal literacy of business owners and the Business Factory training course. Representatives of Association for Intellectual Property Protection "BelBrand" and Albina Gazizullina, a co-author of the projects, agreed to start working together during their meeting in Minsk.

Albert Taipov, Association Chair, emphasized that their company’s goal at the moment is to intensify collaboration with Russia and implement innovative practices and advanced approaches used by their Russian counterparts.

“We are interested in successful experiences, particularly in the field of supplementary training for young people. The Business Factory project will complement the programs we’re already using in Belarus, nicely. The project’s unique feature is that not only it gives children new knowledge, but motivates them to do business through inspirational examples and guidance from successful business people who act as mentors,” Albert Taipov noted.

Pilot version of the program will be implemented in the Grodno Region (Belarus). With BelBrand organizational support, they will launch a cycle of master-classes incentivizing the local youth to learn up-to-date management, marketing, branding and intangible asset management practices.

Another project supposed to become the point of cooperation between the parties is Proven Business. It’s an online platform that helps entrepreneurs improve their legal literacy for free, undergo self-assessment for compliance with legal requirements, and also get expert advice. The project reached the final round of 2020 Powerful Ideas for the New Times Forum organized by ASI and the Roscongress Foundation. Now over 290,000 Russian and foreign entrepreneurs use the service.

“Our service is used by businessmen from all CIS countries. Fore example, there are 2,000 users from Kazakhstan and bout 1,500 from Belarus. Unfortunately, they can’t get information about running business in their own countries, but they can learn in detail how things are done in the neighboring countries where they plan to start operating to improve their sales. For the future, we’re planning to expand Proven Business and make it go international. Together with our Belarusian colleagues, we’ve already started accumulating the knowledge base they need, including a reference book of typical violations, check-lists for self-assessment and document templates for downloading,” Albina Gazizullina told us.