All regions of Russia joined the National Social Initiative

All Russian regions have joined the National Social Initiative (NSI) and identified priority areas of support based on citizens' requests – Svetlana Chupsheva, Director General of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI), told TASS.

"Today all the regions have joined the National Social Initiative. It means that every region has defined its priorities for itself, based on surveys of citizens, on the quality of life rating parameters. And at present, social services, institutions supervising education and health care, work, in fact, in the logic of the implementation of the client-centered format," said Svetlana Chupsheva.

According to her, digital electronic services are introduced, and interaction between state authorities and social non-profit organizations is ensured.

"The state doesn't cover every difficult life situation a person faces. And here it is crucial to cooperate with the non-commercial sector, with the services rendered by business to enable a person to receive complex support in this or that situation", noted the head of the Agency.

Svetlana Chupsheva added that in today's conditions, the question of maintaining the level and quality of citizens' lives in the regions is particularly acute. Therefore, the NSI project is becoming the number one priority for governors and regional teams. According to her, surveys do not yet show that there have been significant changes in the quality of Russian life against the sanctions. The agency's analysis is based on the Russian government's forecasts for the unemployment and inflation rates, and it looks at how this affects each family's standard of living. Vulnerable categories of citizens are investigated first.

"This includes young people, people with disabilities, and families with many children. It is vital that the National Social Initiative, among other things, helps to maximize the use of current resources of state and non-state organizations for the benefit of the individual," said Chupsheva.

The main goal of the implementation of the National Social Initiative is to improve the populace’s satisfaction with social services, to create opportunities and conditions that would improve the quality of life for every Russian citizen. The idea of NSI was first voiced at the meeting of the ASI's Supervisory Board in July 2020. As a result, President Vladimir Putin instructed to implement the project on a nationwide scale. The Initiative covers four areas: education, health care, social services, and employment.