Russian software robots will enter the Southeast Asian market

Russian technology company Robin, which has developed the Robin software platform for robotizing business processes, plans to expand its geographical presence and enter Southeast Asia. Pavel Borchenko, Director General of the company, told ASI.

"We are already working with the CIS countries. Recently we have implemented several projects in Kazakhstan and are developing sales in this region together with our partners. Our product is easy enough to replicate, so the plan is to enter Southeast Asia," Borchenko said.

The ASI Council of Experts supported the project "Robin. Platform for Creating Digital Employees" last November. The agency helps to present the project to large companies and regions, provides support in interaction with universities, and advises on financing programs and export promotion.

The Robin team in Russia and foreign markets builds its work through a partner network. "We select companies-integrators who know the local specifics of the market well. They are often familiar with the functionality of our competitors and understand how to present our advantages to potential customers," said Borchenko.

The Robin platform is designed to create “digital employees” to perform routine operations cheaper, faster and with a more stable result than the staff. Each robot can replace up to four people, works around the clock with no breaks and is immune to the human factor. Robots perform elementary employee actions in corporate systems through the use of RPA (Robotic Process Automation) technology.

Most medium to large organizations have many routine tasks, such as filling out and transferring data in systems, and preparing and reconciling reports. According to the calculations of developers, the involvement of robots in such tasks increases productivity in the company by up to 80% while providing 100% quality of work.

The solution is built into a company's existing infrastructure: the robot can work locally or on a remote workstation, performing all functions available to the user. The platform works with information systems through the existing graphical interface and does not require modifications.

According to experts, the market for software robots (RPA-systems) in Russia has grown over the past few years and continues to grow by an average of 30-50% annually. Robin was recognized as a leader among Russian RPA platforms in the CNews 2021 ranking. In the same year, it became known that RZD-technologies, together with Robin, announced the creation of the first Russian marketplace of robotic software solutions.