Uzbekistan plans to replicate the Sverdlovsk practice of automated monitoring of pregnant women

"Regional Obstetric Monitoring" is a software solution for the Sverdlovsk region, hosted on the  ASI Smarteka best practice sharing platform. The project for the continuous monitoring of pregnant women from the stage of registration until the end of the 42-day postpartum period was of interest in the Fergana region of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

"Fergana region has the second highest birth rate among the regions of the Republic. Therefore, with the growth of childbirth, there is the problem of increase in maternal and perinatal mortality. We already train personnel, monitor the situation, and provide methodological assistance, but we would like to introduce automated monitoring using modern methods. I think that if we do it and implement it, we will have excellent results," said Madkhiya Suyargulova, Director of the Regional Perinatal Center in the Fergana region at a meeting with representatives of the Sverdlovsk region.   

Nikolay Ankudinov, Medical Director of Inkordmed LLC and author of the Sverdlovsk practice, noted that his project is intended not only for medical personnel but also for health organizers in obstetrics.

"The project includes an electronic pregnancy chart from A to Z: all routing issues, obstetric risk assessment relative to the Department of Health clinical guidelines. The system also contains an educational section for medical personnel of the obstetric care service. And in addition, there is a large analytical section, which provides information in any context for any institution in the entire region of implementation," said Nikolay Ankudinov.

Lyudmila Berg, Deputy Minister of International and Foreign Economic Relations of the Sverdlovsk region, and Iqboljon Ergashev, Deputy Head of the Fergana region of Uzbekistan, also discussed the cost of the project, the need to translate the system into the national language, support and methodological assistance from the project author. Iqboljon Ergashev showed interest in implementing the practice, noting its importance for the region. 

Earlier, ASI and the Agency for Strategic Development (ASD) of Uzbekistan signed a memorandum of cooperation. The agreement includes the exchange of successful experiences in improving the quality of human life.