Khabarovsk discussed the creation of inter-regional centers for pediatric surgery in the Far East regions

They plan to create one of such centers based on two Khabarovsk medical institutions: Children's Regional Clinical Hospital named after A.K. Piotrovich and Perinatal Center, as noted at the conference devoted to the 60th anniversary of the department of pediatric surgery of the Far-Eastern State Medical University. In addition, interregional Pediatric Surgery Centers (PSCs) may appear in Primorye, Yakutia, and Irkutsk regions.

Last December, Svetlana Chupsheva, Director General of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI), came to Vladimir Putin with the initiative of creating the PSC. The concept was developed by the all-Russian public organization Russian Association of Pediatric Surgeons and is part of the National Social Initiative (NSI), which the ASI is implementing nationwide on behalf of the president.

"There are plans to create several children's centers in the FEFD. Our main goal is to avoid having to send children to central Russia for treatment. Complicated surgeries can and should be done here: there is highly qualified personnel, and medical institutions are equipped. The level of care for complex surgeries varies in Russia and depends on the number of surgeries. When hospital surgeons perform, for example, less than 5-6 operations a year for rare diseases, they are not toned down – there is no muscle memory that is formed with regular practice. It is one of the reasons why we decided to concentrate patients by pathology in hospitals," Professor Dmitry Morozov, Russia's chief children's surgeon, told the conference.

"An interregional center for pediatric surgery is planned to open in Khabarovsk territory based on two medical organizations: the Children's Regional Clinical Hospital named after A.K. Piotrovich and the Perinatal Center. It will allow young patients to receive the necessary surgical treatment within the FEFD, as well as reduce the period of rehabilitation after the intervention," added Yevgeny Nikonov, Deputy Chairman of Khabarovsk Territory Government on Social Issues.

According to Svetlana Chupsheva, it is not about new construction but the modernization of existing hospitals, their additional equipment, advanced training of medical personnel, and improvement of patient routing.

"We discuss all these issues directly with the doctors themselves. In late May, the Agency will launch a series of business games for doctors from all 11 Far Eastern regions. Strengthening cooperation between entities in the medical field will benefit not only physicians and their patients. It is also essential for the overall socio-economic development of regions to make the areas more attractive for local residents," said Svetlana Chupsheva in her welcoming address to the conference participants.

In addition to Khabarovsk, surgical centers for children are planned for Primorye, Yakutia, and the Irkutsk region. Regions will specialize in specific rare pathologies. In Khabarovsk Hospital, named after Piotrovich, they now perform 4,000 operations a year, and in the Perinatal Center in the neonatal department – 457. Thanks to the center, one specialist will be able to perform about 20 operations a year instead of five, which will ultimately affect the quality of medical care.

Now in the administrative centers of eight federal districts, there are no medical organizations that could provide methodological, consultative, therapeutic, and evacuation support to children's hospitals in the regions. As a result, most complex patients receive treatment only in clinics in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Moreover, child mortality rates significantly increase as you move from the western country border to the east. Child mortality in the Far Eastern Federal District exceeds that of the Northwestern Federal District by more than 70%.