Job offers and life hacks: ASI launched a website to help young people find job

The Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI) launched a dedicated website to highlight current internships and employment programs for schoolchildren of Grades 8-11 and first-year students. It was developed by the ASI Center for Youth Initiatives as part of the National Human Resources Initiative.

“Employment of young people has become even a more relevant issue today. In our country, there are many measures to support young guys with an active life position, but information about such projects often does not reach the target audience. That is why we decided to gather relevant programs for a successful start of a career on one site. We hope that this way an entry into the labor market will be less stressful for schoolchildren and students and that our website will become a starting point for finding a dream job,” Alexander Vaino, Head of the Center for Youth Initiatives, ASI, said.

He also noted that the new Informational Resource for Youth Opportunities was made with the involvement of the target audience, including interns for whom the employment process is particularly crucial.

Users are not required to additionally sign up. It contains a list of helpful Internet resources, life hacks, competitive programs for career beginning and development of professional skills, regardless of the area.

It will help young people to find good internship programs in their respective regions, avoid common mistakes when starting a career and take part in research, business or leadership projects to create competitive advantages in the labor market.

The portal highlights the Leader-ID, Сhangellenge, HeadHunter, Work in Russia, Future Today, Career Portal of the Moscow Government, plus My Business resources. The list also included the ASI Constructorium platform, which helps young entrepreneurs learn, know about support measures in their region and raise investment of up to RUB 50 million from the Youth Entrepreneurship Initiative Foundation.

An important section of the website is the tips on how to find a job on the Web, how to write a CV, talk to the employer, participate in contests and case competitions, etc.