FEFU: Boiling Point in Vladivostok will specialize in the solution of digital economy problems

    16 October 2017
    PHOTO: Aleksandra Shilova | ASI Press Service

    First co-working space in Far East called Boiling Point to be opened in the territory of FEFU on October 23, 2017 with the support of the ASI will become a platform for cooperation of NTI leaders projects and will specialize in the solution of digital economy problems, as reported toasi.ruby Nikita Anisimov, the acting rector of theFar Eastern Federal University(FEFU).

    A new type of space for permanent communication and sharing ideas is being formed at the FEFU, where the representatives of technological companies and investors will be able to meet with students, university researchers and generate new projects for the development of digital economy andNational Technological Initiatives, explained Nikita Anisimov. Our university prioritizes these directions.

    Global meeting of IT community of Russia and ATP countries Russian MeetUp, which will be held from October 23 to October 25, will become a starting point of the Boiling Point in Vladivostok.

    At Russian MeetUp forum, Russian companies will present innovative software and hardware to potential investors. Iskra will present a telepresence robot with VR support, Jedium a sports VR game and a building set for education in multi-user virtual reality, and Tridivi an android computer with gesture and face recognition.

    Potentially, the geographical location of Vladivostok can turn the city into Hong Kong, where, on the one hand, start-upers and entrepreneurs will come from all over the country, intending to enter the ATP market with their products, and on the other hand - investors, to estimate the prospects of the Russian business, believes Roman Povolotsky, head of Cyber Russia project, co-organizer of the Forum.


    According to the data of the organizing committee, more than 650 participants have already registered for Russian MeetUp forum. Among them are developers of virtual, additional reality technologies and blockchain, cyber-safety, IT in medicine and education, participants of digital production and robotic technologies tracks, entrepreneurship and new technologies for territory development.

    Source: Website Editorial