Expert Board of ASI approved support of 6 new business projects

: Alexander Elshevsky | ASI Press service

6 new business projects were reviewed and approved at the meeting of the Business Projects working group of the Expert Board of the ASI held on November 17, 2017.

“All the projects are topical, breakthrough. Many projects make the synergetic effect evident - from the implementation of the National Technological Initiative and the experience of administrative support that has been accumulated in the New Business direction,” said Alexander Kychakov, Chairman of the Business Projects Working Group of the ASI’s Expert Board . “I hope that in the near future we will see a systemic effect for the economy.”

Projects to be supported by the ASI

AlfaPEROX technology of cleaning heat-exchange equipment
Project leader: Alexey Dolbunov, Deputy Director General for Development of Angara Service LLC, Investment Director of FPI Innovation Fund

Angara Service LLC is a Russian company specializing in one-stage in-place cleaning of heat-exchange industrial equipment, including complexly configured equipment, using AlfaPEROX technology.

The technology is based on developments in the field of supramolecular chemistry and is designed to destroy and remove the most complex deposits of various nature from the surface of structural elements of heat-exchange equipment without the risk of their damage.

The technology is in demand in oil, gas processing, chemical industry. A number of successful experimental cleanings were carried out, good results were obtained. The technology and the product allow efficient cleaning of expensive heat-exchange equipment without dismantling and long downtime.

The agency will support the company in cooperation with the relevant executive authorities and in pilot implementation of the method at industrial facilities.

Implementation of AGRO DRONE crop monitoring systems
Project leaders: Dmitry Rubin, General Director of AgroDroneGroup LLC

AgroDroneGroup LLC is a company specializing in the development and production of unmanned complexes for solving priority agricultural problems. The systems produced by the company are designed to increase yields and reduce costs. In particular, they allow to determine the state of the soil, the level of nitrogen content, to monitor yields, identify soil contamination and detect centers of damage from diseases and pests.

The complex solution is agrodrone and specialized software, which makes it possible to obtain data understandable for each agronomist to perform field analysis. The developed software is based on scientific methods and algorithms for data collection and processing in order to obtain accurate recommendations for field work.

The scientific council of the project consists of scientific groups of Moscow State University, D.N. Pryanishnikov All-Russia Research and Development Institute of Agrochemistry, A.G. Lorkh All-Russia Research Institute of Potato Farming, All-Russia Research Institute of Plant Protection Chemicals. In addition, work is being conducted with a scientific group from South Korea (Dongguk University).

The complex was approved in laboratory fields, where it showed an increase in yield by 15% and a reduction in production costs by 20%. The unmanned complexes and the complex solution were awarded 2 gold medals of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia in 2016-2017.

The agency will support the company in cooperation with regional ministries of agriculture, agricultural producers and agricultural holdings in order to approve and implement the company’s solution.

SKYF - unmanned high load capacity platform
Project leader: Ilya Rodin, co-owner of the company, partner of FPI Innovation Fund

Experimental Design Bureau “Aviasolutions” (OKB “Aviaresheniya”) was founded in Kazan in 2014 by a group of engineers and entrepreneurs in order to implement the project of development of the SKYF universal aerial carrier platform.

SKYF is an unmanned vertical takeoff/landing aircraft with a carrying capacity of up to 250 kg, a flight range of up to 350 km and a flight time of up to 8 hours (with a payload of 50 kg). The functional feature of the platform is a universal modular design that allows to develop specific versions for different tasks, climatic conditions and peculiarities of national regulation. At the moment, an agricultural version of the drone has been created for carrying out aerochemical works. In 2018, it is planned to finalize the platform for cargo transportation.

SKYF is a fundamentally new product on the market, the use of which can give rise to the development of both the commercial unmanned aviation industry and the target consumer industries. In addition to the innovative solution, the project implementation can also give a significant social and economic effect (creation of about 300 jobs in 4 years).

The agency will support the company in cooperation with the relevant executive authorities and organizations in support of the company’s industry proposals for the development of new market niches, as well as possible measures to stimulate demand from potential customers in the field of agriculture and logistics.

Implementation of AMIGO intelligent system for managing distributed energy resources
Project leader: Igor Bruma, Business Development Director of RTSoft JSC

RTSoft JSC is an engineering and production company specializing in the creation and implementation of automation tools and systems in the power industry, nuclear industry, oil and gas sector, metal industry, transport industry, instrument manufacture, IT, telecommunications and communications industries, etc.

The company has developed and conducted successful tests of the AMIGO (Advanced Microgrid Optimization) software package, an intelligent system that provides coordinated control over distributed power resources, mode and network configuration tools, as well as local load management complexes.

The AMIGO system is a set of solutions that are specialized for the management of power networks of buildings, data centers, industrial facilities, power companies and substations, charging stations for electric vehicles, closed (local) power systems, settlements.

By implementing AMIGO, energy costs and operating costs are reduced, energy quality indicators and reliability of power supply for consumers of the micro-energy system (Microgrid) are improved, additional revenues from services and participation in price-dependent consumption can be obtained. The system is designed for both cloud and local software installation, the ability to work in automated (with the operator’s participation) and automatic (without operator’s participation) mode.

The agency will support the company in cooperation with the relevant executive authorities, as well as in pilot implementation of the system in the regions, transport and industry facilities.

Introduction of remote technologies for follow-up monitoring of patients with chronic diseases
Project leaders: Matvey Nikolaevich Malkin, Director General of Remote Healthcare LLC (ООО «Дистанционная медицина»)

Remote Healthcare LLC is a specialized company providing medical services using remote technologies. Together with the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, the company implements technologies for remote follow-up monitoring (hereinafter - RFM) of patients with CNID (chronic non-infectious diseases) in the regions of the Russian Federation, including using CMI.

In 2014-2016, Remote Healthcare LLC conducted, at its own expense, on the premises of federal centers and territories of a number of Russian regions the testing of the technology for remote follow-up monitoring of patients with arterial hypertension.

Currently, the implementation is carried out in 5 regions of Russia, and negotiations on the project implementation are underway in 10 regions.

The use of RFM will allow to increase the coverage of the population by follow-up monitoring by more than 2 times, to reduce the cost of expensive types of medical care, and to increase the satisfaction of citizens with the organization of medical care.

The agency will support the company in cooperation with regional executive authorities on the replication of the project.

“Cybrus” corporate messenger and secure communications platform
Project leaders: Andrey Oschepkov, Director General of Kibernika LLC, Maxim Ternovykh, Chief Commercial Officer of Kibernika LLC

Cybrus is a complex software product (messenger, telephony, conference communications, cloud storage, organizer and CRM system) for organization of secure corporate communication between employees, customers and partners of companies via local networks and the Internet (on such platforms as Windows, OSX, Linux, iOS, Android).

The competitive advantage of Cybrus is full data security in the process of users communication. A combination of symmetric (RSA 3072) and asymmetric (AES-256) encryption algorithms is used. Only the sender and recipients can decrypt the key and the message. The developer cannot read user data that is transmitted and stored in the system.

A range of special solutions and versions for specific categories of customers: government agencies, non-profit and educational institutions. The architecture of the solution and technology allows to scale and localize the product in any country in the world.

The product is included in the Unified Register of Russian Computer Programs and Databases of the Ministry of Communications of Russia, was tested in Research and Development Institute “Voskhod”.

The agency will support the company in cooperation with large industrial and state companies on the presentation of the design solution for approval, as well as the development opportunities based on the solution for corporate tasks. It will provide advice on financial and non-financial programs of development institutions, funds, assistance in communication with them.