Yakutia collecting data sets for the ASI's Competition of digital solutions

    5 July 2019

    Apart from data sets uploaded by task setters from Yakutia as part of the competition of digital solutions, representatives of the republic will collect and upload data on seven more tasks from other regions of the competition. This was stated by Deputy Director of the Republican Center for Information and Communications Technologies Marina Karamzina on July 3 at the data hackathon in Boiling Point – Yakutsk.

    "The competition tasks are relevant for the republic, and the solutions may be applied in any region – that is the beauty of the competition," Marina Karamzina noted. "The competition has a synergistic effect, whereas the efforts of multiple regions and developers may be joined for the most efficient result. We are currently collecting data sets on seven more competition tasks from other regions that made it into the second stage as solving them may be beneficial for us as well."

    At the opening of the data hackathon on July 2, the Minister for Innovations, Digital Development, and Information & Communication Technologies of Yakutia Anatoliy Semyonov stated that the Government is resolving the issue of creating tools for the support and introduction of solutions thought out at the competition.

    Overall, more than 30 participants had registered for the data hackathon in Yakutsk held on July 2–4. These included IT and data specialists from various organizations, as well as students of the M. K. Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University and the P. I. Dudkin Yakutsk Communication and Energy College of Yakutsk.

    The teams chose the following directions: healthcare, public services, and education. Thus, the Lightning team took the task of the Chelyabinsk Region related to the development of the target notification system for public service users.

    The Icarus team developed the project Benefits for People solving the task submitted by Yakutia – pharmaceutical benefits for eligible beneficiaries. The Dot team dealt with the task set by Tatarstan – predicting the need for kindergarten construction.

    Program Manager of the ASI's Center of Digital Development Yana Kovalenko emphasized that tasks from Yakutia are very popular among developers and are often solved by young specialists from other regions. "The tasks grab participants' attention because they solve real-world problems, improve the quality of life, as well as directly influence the human life," she said.

    "The event shows once again that the more people join the project, the higher the quality of data sets, as each team gets a new angle on the tasks and require new data that the regions add in an expeditious manner upon teams' request," Program Manager of the ASI's Center of Digital Development Timur Aleynikov stated.

    The winners of the data hackathon in Yakutsk received cash prizes from the event's general partner – Yakutia Venture Company. Its Director Vasily Efimov evaluated the projects and urged the teams to proceed working on them and take part in the future selection to the В8 accelerator program of the Innovation Development Fund.

    The ASI's Center of Digital Development has already held a number of data hackathons in Boiling Points of Tomsk, Kazan, Lipetsk, Novosibirsk, Veliky Novgorod, Yekaterinburg. Next data hackathons will take place in Ulyanovsk (July 6–7) and Grozny (July 25–26).

    Source: Website Editorial