Russia winning the World championship in strategy and business management Global Management Challenge in Yekaterinburg

    6 July 2019
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    For the sixth time in history, Russia won the title of the world champion in strategy and business management. The winner and prize takers ofGlobal Management Challenge (GMC)in season 2018/2019 were announced in the evening of July 6 in Yekaterinburg. Second place was taken by Portugal; in third place were the only representatives of Africa at the competition from Côte d'Ivoire.

    The top eight also included: Macao (4th place), China (5th place), Hong Kong (6th place), Poland (7th place), Slovakia (8th place).

    Russia was represented by the team Fathers and Sons thatwon the National Championship a short time before. Two members of the Russian team won GMC for the second time (the first victory was won in Sochi); another three previously represented our country at International Final in Qatar where theybecame vice-champions.

    Winners of Global Management Challenge 2019 as part of the Russian national team:

    • Sergey Ionin (Sverdlovsk Region) Sberbank, second place at GMC International Final 2017 in Doha.
    • Konstantin Shcherbakov (Sverdlovsk Region) FSUE "Integrated Plant "Electrohimpribor", winner of GMC International Final 2014 in Sochi.
    • Mars Karamov (Moscow) Strategy & PwC, second place at GMC International Final 2017 in Doha.
    • Vyacheslav Zyryanov (Sverdlovsk Region) JSC OKB "Novator, winner of GMC International Final 2014 in Sochi, semi-finalist of the Leaders of Russia competition.
    • Maxim Kirilov (Sverdlovsk Region) Sberbank, second place at GMC International Final 2017 in Doha, finalist of the Manage! cup in seasons 2017/2018 and 2018/2019.

    Participants of GMC International Final held in Yekaterinburg on July 56, 2019, included national champions from 20 countries Belarus, Brazil, Hong Kong (China), Greece, India, Spain, Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, People's Republic of China (China), Côte d'Ivoire, Kuwait, Macao (China), Mexico, Panama, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, and Estonia.

    Each team was to manage a virtual company during five game periods (quarters). The integral index used for calculating the final result in each period is Investment Attractiveness (IA). It characterizes the company's value for investors. In the game model, IA growth is influenced by Net Worth, Share Capital, Profitability, Sales Network, Market Shares, Research and Development, Liquidity, Dividend Payout, Order Fulfillment Ability. To influence all these metrics, teams had to make 75 managerial decisions each.

    On the first competition day, all teams were divided into four groups (five countries in each group). Two winners from each group made it into the super finals.

    Opponents of Russia were Spain, Panama, Poland, and the Czech Republic. Our team managed to reach the next round by being the first in its group. Second place was taken by Poland. The top eight that also included China (1st place in the group), Portugal (2nd place), Macao (1st place), Slovakia (2nd place), Côte d'Ivoire (1st place), and Hong Kong (2nd place) went after medals the next day. The competition was held according to the similar scheme.

    The Russian team gained the lead after the first period and yielded the palm only once during the whole game in the second period (to Poland). Runners-up of Russia and Portugal during the final part of the competition were the People's Republic of China, Macao, and Hong Kong. The team from Côte d'Ivoire ranked seventh in the second period, but gradually increased its advantage over Chinese teams to rush into the top three by the end of the fourth period.

    Teams final results (place and IA metric)

    1. Russia 5,519,621
    2. Portugal 4,988,910
    3. Côte d'Ivoire 4,723,160
    4. Macao 4,525,341
    5. China 3,786,016
    6. Hong Kong 3,568,348
    7. Poland 3,421,641
    8. Slovakia 2,112,450


    Global Management Challenge is the largest strategic management championship in the world. The championship is based on an integrated computer business simulator (game model) that makes it possible in less than a month to obtain company management experience comparable to several years' work amid global competition.

    Russian teams won the the World Championship in strategy and business management five times: in 2009 in Lisbon (Portugal), in 2012 in Kiev (Ukraine), in 2014 in Sochi (Russia), in 2015 in Prague (Czech Republic), and in 2016 in Macao (China).

    The organizer of the National Championship is theRussian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration. The project is implemented with the support of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI).

    The project is accredited by theEuropean Foundation for Management Development (EFMD)as a high-tech education tool for the fast development of management competencies.
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