Ulyanovsk data analysts from the ASI's Competition of digital solutions to be offered jobs in public administration

    8 July 2019

    The authorities of the Ulyanovsk Region are planning to create the Governor's Information Center and offer jobs in public administration to data analysts participating in the competition of digital solutions of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI). This was reported by Deputy Minister of Digital Economy of the Ulyanovsk Region Sergei Prozorov at the data hackathon that ended on July 7 at the premises of Boiling Point – Ulyanovsk.

    According to him, the region would endeavor to ensure decent salaries and working conditions to attract young and promising specialists to the IT industry.

    "Next year, we are going to create the Governor's Information Center and on the basis thereof the Region Management Center to collect the information from various industries, from existing systems and situation centers. Therefore, for this data to work for the benefit of the region, it needs to be processed by data analysts, data researchers. We need people who are able to manage data, such as our participants. This potential was demonstrated at the hackathon. We have no hesitation in saying that Ulyanovsk has data analysts who can be hired already," Sergei Prozorov stated.

    The data hackathon brought together over 30 participants who divided into teams for joint work on IT projects and their further presentation to experts. 7 teams worked on tasks from the following regions: Sakha Republic (Yakutia) – pharmaceutical benefits for eligible beneficiaries, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District – prediction of mortality dynamics for the population of a constituent entity of the Russian Federation, Republic of North Ossetia–Alania – study of effects of various factors on students' academic performance, Tomsk Region – creation of an information system assisting in diagnosis of diseases based on data mining, Astrakhan Region – survey and monitoring of agricultural fields using unmanned aircrafts and computer vision systems, and Belgorod Region – creation of a classifier of the content received from cultural institutions with respect to demand among residents of the region.

    The data hackathon offered teams the opportunity to perform competition tasks on the subject of their choice and, in case of successful presentation, make it into the third final stage and implement the project. As Director of the Agency of Technological Development of the Ulyanovsk Region Vadim Pavlov noted, participants were to solve a total of 30 tasks from the entire Russia concerning the urgent issues of public administration.

    "Our participants need to offer algorithms solving certain tasks. The two-day hackathon is held to make digital services closer to residents and maximally valuable, for instance, to create a base containing all required documents after birth, i.e. to interconnect the entire set of services provided by the state for receiving them with maximum comfort. Ulyanovsk is among 10 cities participating in this project. We are convinced that professionalism and knowledge of our Ulyanovsk developers will help them offer bright solutions that will later be an enormous boon," Vadim Pavlov emphasized.


    The ASI's Center of Digital Development organized a series of data hackathons at the premises of regional Boiling Points: in Tomsk, Kazan, Lipetsk, Novosibirsk, St. Petersburg, Veliky Novgorod, Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Yakutsk. The next data hackathon will take place in Grozny (July 25–26). Participants who cannot be present at hackathons in person are offered to solve tasks online.

    Source: Website Editorial