Upon completion of modernization, Rare Metals Plant increased its production capacity twofold

    7 October 2016

    In Novosibirsk, the modernization of the Rare Metals Plant has been completed. It is the only enterprise in Russia which produces over 250 kinds of rare metal compounds of high and extra high purity.

    In mid-2015, the MIR Foundation invested 100 million rubles in the project. The funds were used for the reconstruction of the shop, purchase of the new equipment, and the construction of gas-burning boiler house.The territory of the new production shop was nearly 1.5 thousand square meters.

    Modernization of the plant has increased its production capacity almost twofold, which will now enable the plant to perform the testing of new technologies on an industrial scale in ordrer to help in returning a significant portion of the compounds of rare and alkaline metals into circulation by way of processing.

    Modernization has greatly increased the level of competitiveness of the plant, said Artyom Daminov, General Director of Rare Metals Factory.

    The new manufacturing facility makes it possible both to increase the production volumes and to respond to the changes in demand for certain types of products, and to quickly put into production new compounds of rare metals that are in demand with our Russian and foreign partners.

    The market is one of the fastest growing ones, while the demand is increasing annually by 15 to 20%. Rare earth and rare metals are used in electronics, instrumentation, mechanical engineering, chemical industry, metallurgy, nuclear energy and others.They are used during the manufacture of some explosives, special steels and alloys, such as getters. Single-crystal compounds are used to create laser and other optically active and non-linear elements in optoelectronics.


    The project Modernization of the manufacture of compounds of rare-earth high-purity and extra high-purity metals is being implemented with the support of the New Business line of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives.

    Source: Website Editorial