Best professionals of Europe: Russia came first in the overall standing EuroSkills 2016

    5 December 2016

    National team WorldSkills Russia composed of 43 sportsmen, winners and medallists of professional national championships from 18 regions of the country, came first in the team classification by the number of points in the championship of professional skills EuroSkills in Gothenburg. This was reported to the journalists on Sunday by Robert Urazov, General Director of WorldSkills Russia.

    "Russia got 15,882 scores which resulted in the first place of the Russian team in the overall standing by the number of points", said Urazov.

    The point standing demonstrates the level of training in all competences where the country participated; this valuation is the official calculation method of the international organisation WorldSkills International together with the medal standing.

    Speaking about medals, the Russian team got five: two gold medals in the nomination "Electronics" (Maxim Kadnikov) and "Refrigerating Engineering and Air-Conditioning" (Vadim Polyakov), two silver medals in the nomination "Graphic Design" (Alyona Kidrina) and "Mobile Robotic Engineering" (Oskar Arslanov/Emil Miftakhov), and Russians also got one bronze in the nomination "Network and System Administration" (Leonid Shmakov/Alexander Gorbachev).

    The members of team WorldSkills Russia proudly defended the honour of the Russian flag winning 11 medals for professional skills in the following competences: "Hotel Service", "Hairdressing", "Fashion Technology", "Medical Services and Social Services", "Electrical Installation", "Floristics", "Welding Technologies", "Mechatronics", "Dry construction and Plastering Work", "Applied Aesthetics", and "Tiling".


    In October 2011, the Project "Conduction of the National Championship of Professional Skills WorldSkills" was approved by the Supervisory Board of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives. The main objective of the project is to expand the national list of professional skills necessary for high technology production and integration in the world professional community.

    At the initiative of ASI and the Ministry of Education and Science, in April 2012, Simon Bartley, WSI President, came to Russia. In the result of his visit, a decision was made on inclusion of Russia into the international association Worldskills International.

    On April 17, 2012, within the General Assembly of WSI Association taking place in South Korea, Russia was officially taken into the member of this organisation.

    On November 8, 2014, Dmitry Medvedev, the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation, signed Order (as of October 8, 2014 No. 1987-р) On Establishment Together with the Agency for Strategic Initiatives of the Union "Professional Communities and Labour Force Development Agency WorldSkills Russia".

    The national team WorldSkills Russia for the first time participated in the European competition in 2014 in Lille. 23 members came to France, they took part only in 15 competences of 41. There is already a list of countries which will host European championships at the sites of its cities: in 2018, this will be Hungary, and in more two years, the Seventh Championship will take place in Austria.

    Source: Website Editorial