Vladimir Putin called to ASI to remove barriers preventing the development of volunteering, and to develop cross-cutting technologies

    8 December 2016

    Support for the volunteer movement, socially-oriented NGOs and the development of cross-cutting technologies capable of changing people's lives for the better, should be among the priorities of the Agency for Strategic Initiative (ASI) in 2017, said Russian President Vladimir Putin on December 8, 2016 at a meeting of the Supervisory Board of ASI.

    It is crucial for the next year to reach specific, tangible results, particularly in those areas that we discussed with you (during the Forum for Strategic Initiatives): and what is meant is the business climate in the regions, the development of vocational training and of course, support for initiatives in the social sphere, Putin said.

    The President recalled that in his address to the Federal Assembly he instructed the public Chamber of the Russian Federation and the Agency for Strategic Initiatives to develop an action plan for the development of the volunteer movement in Russia until April 30, 2017.

    "We are talking about how to remove the barriers that hinder the development of the volunteer movement, to determine the format of the volunteers, NGOs interaction with the State. And certainly, those must be helped who seek to engage in projects in the social sector, promote important initiatives to protect the environment", said Vladimir Putin.

    He also stressed out that the participants of a National Technology Initiative (NTI) are already involved in the "development of so-called cross-cutting technologies, which in the short term will determine the appearance of all spheres of life". Such as robotics, new energy sources, etc.

    Vladimir Putin asked ASI to organize at its venue the interaction of Russian companies, scientific, educational and engineering organizations and centers.

    The President also noted that a growing number of young professionals and highly skilled workers who are able to meet challenges of the new technological level appear in Russia.

    This was clearly demonstrated by the folks who won the European Championship (EuroSkills 2016) for professional skill in Sweden, Vladimir Putin added.

    Such competitions, according to the head of State, specify guidelines for the vocational education development based on global best practices and help customize the professional standards under the urgent requests of employers.

    In this regard, I would ask the Government, the Ministry of education and science to ensure the unconditional implementation of the orders of the WorldSkills movement in Russia, including the Organization of a World Championship in working professions, which will be held in Kazan in the year 2019, said Putin.

    Source: Website Editorial