ExoAtlet rehabilitation clinics locations became known

    19 December 2016

    On December 19, 2016 ExoAtlet presented to the Government of Moscow 20 exoskeletons, 15 of which in the near future will be delivered to Moscow clinics and rehabilitation centers, and 5 - will be transferred to the Tula region. Ekaterina Bereziy, companys Development Director, told about this in the interview of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives.

    Ekaterina Bereziy said that previously only one exoskeleton was available to the Moscow patients, the one in the National Medical Surgical Center n.a. Pirogov. Up to 8 patients can receive treatment with one exoskeleton, and period of treatment for each patient is 14 days.

    New exoskeletons will arrive before the end of 2016 to 8 institutions of Moscow:

    • SAI Research and Practical Centre of socio-medical rehabilitation for people with disabilities n.a. L.I. Shvetsova (Moscow, Lodochnaya St., 15, bld. 2);
    • SAI Research and Practical Rehabilitation Centre (Moscow, Abramtsevskaya St., 15);
    • SAI Rehabilitation Centre Tekstilchshiki (Moscow, 1-a Tekstilchshikov St., 6A);
    • SAI Moscow Research and Practical Centre of Medical Rehabilitation, restorative and sports medicine of Moscow Health Department Office No. 3 (Moscow, 2-ya Volskaya St., 19)
    • PFNI Municipal Clinical Hospital n.a. F.I. Inozemtsev of Moscow Health Department (Moscow, Fortunatovskaya St., 1)
    • PFNI Municipal Clinical Hospital No. 67 n.a. L.A. Vorokhobov of Moscow Health Department (Moscow, Salam Adil St., 2/44)
    • PFNI Municipal Clinical Hospital n.a. V.M. Buyanov of Moscow Health Department (Moscow, Bakinskaya St., 26);
    • PFNI Municipal Clinical Hospital No. 1 n.a. N.I. Pirogov of Moscow Health Department (Moscow, Leninskiy Av., 8)

    5 exoskeletons will be transferred as part of the contract by the Department of Labour and Social Care of the City of Moscow to Tula region clinics, Ekaterina Bereziy added.

    Requests for production of another 20 exoskeletons in 2017 came from Nizhniy Novgorod Region, Republic of Tatarstan and St. Petersburg.

    In total,ExoAtletproduced 32 exoskeletons in 2016. The Agency of Strategic Initiatives (ASI) has provided the company input in carrying out clinical research at the premises of medical facilities and higher education institutions in Moscow, Arkhangelsk, Novosibirsk and Moscow Region.

    As the ASI Director of Social Projects Direction Svetlana Chupsheva states, the agreements on conducting the clinical research of ExoAtlet were made in 7 more regions of Russia - and these are Leningrad, Ulyanovsk, Sverdlovsk, Tula, Samara Krasnodar regions and Republic of Crimea.

    We are glad that the regions have sensitivity to our opinion and purchase the exoskeletons for their rehabilitation centers. Anyone willing must have a possibility to not only use these inventions at special organizations but to obtain them for personal use, - Svetlana Chupsheva underlines.

    According to her, in 2017 ASI will undertake development of mechanisms of implementation of innovative rehabilitation assistive technology (RAT) into social security programs. This is imperative for the mobility challenged people who want to lead an active life, Svetlana Chupsheva explained.


    ExoAtlet is registered as a medical device and is granted an individual product license. It provides rehabilitation of patients with lower limbs functional impairment caused by traumas, operations, musculoskeletal diseases or excitatory system and as well socialization of the invalids due to the ability of verticalization and movement functions recovery.

    In April of the year 2016 at the enterpriseValma Ltd.of Arkhangelsk region the components for an exoskeleton were produced against an order from ExoAtlet. 20 invalids were treated in Arkhangelsk region.

    A support for the project Creation and development of active exoskeletons ExoAtlet in negotiation with regional Government authority is provided by the Agency of Strategic Initiatives (ASI) as part of the initiative New quality of life for people with disabilities. In July, 2016 at the Forum of Strategic Initiatives ExoAtlet was presented to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, Tula region Governor Alexei Dyumin and Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin. At the Forums venue, the agreement was achieved on purchasing a number of exoskeletons for Moscow City and Tula region clinics.

    Source: Website Editorial