The experts of the MariNet market approved 2 educational projects for the development of human resources in the sea industry

    28 July 2017

    The project Development of a Simulation Complex for Trawl Complex Modelling, Designing and Management and Pilot Project for Creation of an End-to-End Education System have been approved at the first meeting of the expert subgroup MariNet of theNational Technology Initiative (NTI)for the development of human resources, which was held at the Kaliningrad State Technical University (KSTU).

    The projects will be considered as recommended ones to receive the corresponding finance and legal support from the NTI development institutes reported the representatives of the MariNet working group.

    The simulation complex for trawl management will be used in the process of training and retraining personnel for industrial fishing and shipbuilding, ocean engineering, and system engineering for sea industry facilities. The complex represents a mobile platform, allowing to improve skill of navigation and ship control from a trawl.

    The pilot project of end-to-end education is scheduled for implementation in the Volga Federal District as an experiment, based on the results of which a multistage system of end-to-end system of personnel training and retraining will be created for the sea and river transport industry. The project will involve the leading shipbuilding companies, high schools, and childrens educational organizations.


    The expert group for the development of human resources has been created to select and support projects aimed at improving the system of education and providing MariNet global markets with professional staff meeting the qualification requirements of the international labor market.

    Source: Website Editorial