Projects created in the Khabarovsks Boiling Point to receive the support of the regional government

    27 October 2017

    The government of the Khabarovsk Territory is ready to participate in the discussion and implementation of projects for the regional development elaborated in the Boiling Point. This was stated by Governor Vyacheslav Shport at the opening ceremony of the regional coworking center, which opened its doors on October 27 in Khabarovsk on the basis of theFar Eastern Institute of Management (FEIM) of the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Service (RANE&PS).

    This is a platform on which we will design the Territorys development, Vyacheslav Shport said. People do have ideas, but actually, we have no platform to discuss them. The Boiling Point is an open space where you can come to present your projects. The Government will take part in their discussion and selection. The coworking center is based in the premises of the Academy of Public Services, therefore, the likelihood of projects being implemented is significantly increased.

    The head of the region noted that their participation in the work of the Boiling Point will give the government of the Khabarovsk Territory an opportunity to use promising ideas, aimed at the development of the economy and society. Today, these projects may seem crazy in a good sense, but tomorrow they will be sought after, so we must examine them. I believe that we will see these projects in the Boiling Point, and we will work on them, Vyacheslav Shport stated.

    According to Dmitry Butashin, the RANE&PS Deputy Rector, the resources of the RANE&PS FEIM will be used in the reorganization of the Khabarovsk Territorys management system. Earlier, we discussed this possibility with the regional government, he said. In the Boiling Point, we intend to design and develop key areas. It is here that the most creative and active people are ready to devote their time and abilities to facilitate decision-making by the Territorys government, feeling the support of society and using fresh ideas.

    To participate in the work of the Boiling Point, more than 800 people have registered in the Leader-ID system; the coworking space has already received applications for holding over 100 events, as reported by Ivan Dzhulyak, the Program Director of the Khabarovsk coworking center.

    We are speaking about events aimed at implementation of the human resource standard for the industrial growth of the Territory, and preparation for theWorldSkillsregional championship. The Boiling Point will host the working group to prepare for the national championship of working professions, Ivan Dzhulyak explained. The working group of the Territorys government for selection of investment projects will also hold its meeting on this site. We received applications from our partners for holding hackathons in collaboration with clients from Japan. As for the Far Eastern Accelerator project, it will be based directly in the Boiling Point.

    Andrey Siling, the Deputy Director of the Young Professionals Direction of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI), stressed that the main outcome of the Boiling Point activities will be establishing communities of active people, who create and develop their own projects. The network of Points must exist independently, and the main task is for the regional sites to communicate between them without involvement of the Agency. To do this, they have all necessary means of communication, Andrey Siling said.


    The format of the Boiling Point coworking space has been developed by the ASI and used since 2014. During these three years, the ASIs Moscow coworking center has hosted over 3,000 events, with more than 150 thousand participants. The Khabarovsks Boiling Point became the sixth one launched in the regions at the initiative of representatives of the government, business, and education. Earlier, Boiling Points have been launched in Saint Petersburg, Ivanovo,Petrozavodsk,Novosibirsk, andVladivostok.

    Source: Website Editorial