The FCS eliminated double inspection of goods in seaports

    21 December 2017

    The pilot procedure for one-time inspection of goods, that was applied in 20162017 in Russian seaports, has been given a legal framework: theFederal Customs Service (FCS)issued an order to carry out the inspection or examination of goods declared using a preliminary customs declaration. This was told by the FCS representatives at the meeting of the working group on improving customs administration on December 20 in the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI).

    According to the new regulations, customs officers must carry out an inspection (examination) of goods only once, taking into account all indications of risk profiles, as identified upon the arrival of the goods to a seaport.

    Yury Kovalev, the Deputy Head of the ASIs working group for Improvement of Customs Administration: Previously, customs inspectors could recognize or not recognize the results of a preliminary inspection. Now, they can use the data obtained during such preliminary inspection, if the inspection risk becomes actual during the main customs clearance. This will minimize the costs of participants in the foreign economic activity, whereas a customs authority can avoid duplication of customs control operations.

    The registration of a preliminary customs declaration upon arrival of goods to a seaport and their temporary storage are vested in different subdivisions of a customs authority.

    When identifying any risks associated with such goods, each subdivision could carry out its own inspection. Now, as part of interagency cooperation, these subdivisions will exchange the necessary information to exclude any double inspection of goods, the FCS representatives explained.


    FCS Order No. 1895 dated November 29, 2017 On Customs Inspection (Examination) of Goods in Seaports, that are Declared using a Preliminary Customs Declaration has been prepared pursuant to Item 31.11 of the road map of theNational Business Initiative (NBI)Improvement of Customs Administration.

    Source: Website Editorial