Registration of teams for participation in the competition of entrepreneurial projects Enactus is open

    18 October 2018
    PHOTO: Enactus

    The international student program for social entrepreneurial projects Enactus announced the start of accepting applications for participation in the competition of the new season 2018 - 2019. Students from Russian universities and colleges, of any specialty and all modes of study are invited to participate.

    The program aims to develop entrepreneurial competencies and assist students in the implementation of their projects, according to Enactus web-site. As part of the program, student teams develop and implement projects aimed at solving social, economic and environmental problems, improving the level and quality of life of the population.

    Applications for registration of teams will be accepted until December 15, 2018. To apply, you need to send a request to and get information about the conditions of participation and sequence of actions.

    Enactus projects can be commercial, profitable and social - the teams themselves choose the topics, the number and timing of their implementation. Registered teams undergo training sessions. During the development and implementation of projects, their work is coordinated by curators-teachers, consulted by business advisers. Following the results the teams provide reports on the basis of which the best get the right to participate in the competition.

    Only those Enactus projects are recognized successful that have real and measurable results. Projects evaluation is made by the jury composed of heads of Russian and international companies, business leaders.

    The competition is held in 3 stages:

    • Regional competitions Enactus Russia (April)
    • All-Russian contest Enactus Russia (May)
    • Enactus World Cup (October)

    “Enactus allows you to identify entrepreneurial abilities and inclinations of participants, creates a set of opportunities and incentives for the development of entrepreneurial competencies. This is done not by studying theoretical courses and solving abstract cases, but by putting projects into practice,” Sergei Ravichev, President of Enactus Russia said.


    The Enactus program is aimed at stimulating social entrepreneurship, solving social problems, developing civil society, educating socially responsible leaders, and creating a personnel reserve for the business and social spheres.

    The combination of a complex of trainings and mentoring, an international system of competitions and evaluation of results, organized competition and a predetermined calendar of events forms an interactive student environment motivated to entrepreneurship.

    Students participating in the Enactus project enjoy the benefits of interaction with representatives of government agencies, development institutions and large businesses, experts and world-class business mentors. The high learning effectiveness of Enactus is determined by the synergy of the educational and competitive formats of the program.

    The jury of all Enactus competitions is based on business leaders with years of practical experience, which provides an objective, impartial system to identify the best.

    The program involves 72,000 students from 1,700 universities worldwide from 36 countries. From 3,000 to 5,500 students from around the world participate in the Enactus World Cup annually.

    Among the business partners are 550 companies, including KPMG, HSBC, Microsoft, Nestle, Pepsico, Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, The Coca-Cola Company, Tata Group, Samsung.

    During 20 years students' teams from 502 universities and colleges from 18 constituent entities of the Russian Federation took part in the Enactus program in Russia; 1,575 projects were implemented.

    Source: Website Editorial