Children from the Russian Children's Center "Ocean" are taught volunteer practices

    19 October 2018

    From October 15 to 20, in the All-Russian Children's Center Ocean, within the framework of the thematic shift You decide everything! presentations of volunteer projects of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI) - Center for the Search of Missing People, Voluntary Forest Firefighters Together against a common misfortune and DogUrok are conducted.

    The projects that the guys are getting acquainted with are one of the best volunteer practices that ASI supports - after all, the problems that they solve concern each of us in one way or another. Meetings of our volunteers with the guys have become a familiar affair; an educational program and a method for its replication have appeared. For 2 years, project teams trained more than 700 schoolchildren vacationing in Artek. We hope that the guys from the Ocean will become our like-minded people, they themselves will join the volunteer movement and pass this baton to their friends, teachers, and parents when they return home, Natalia Kremneva, deputy director of the Social Projects section of ASI said.

    Acquaintance with projects and practical classes are organized according to 3 training programs, which are conducted by the coordinators of volunteer organizations - volunteers: scouts, dog trainers, dog-assisted therapy specialist, firefighters.

    The children are not only told about the activities of volunteers, but also conduct master classes and practical exercises, during which they independently perform and work out the skills necessary in real situations when dealing with homeless animals, in cases of fires, and organizing the search for lost people.

    Volunteers-firefighters teach children fire safety measures, what work should be done to prevent natural fires, what equipment should be and how people should behave when confronted with fire. The key message that is given to schoolchildren is that it is easier to prevent a fire than to extinguish it, so you should not only know the fire prevention measures yourself, but also find an opportunity to inform others - to become a volunteer.

    Specialists of the projects DogUrok and Dogkvest present methods of raising and caring for pets, as well as talk about the activities of volunteers in shelters for dogs and cats. Guys directly can communicate with dogs, specially trained for such activities, they have the opportunity to learn the habits and nature of animals, behaviors, learn to attend and care for them.

    Volunteers with guys from the Ocean discuss issues related to homeless animals. Among the solutions of the problems, scenarios for the participation of volunteers in catching and keeping animals in specialized shelters, as well as their further support before finding a new home and owner, are voiced.

    The search squad Liza Alert conducts trainings and master classes in orienteering the terrain, both in urban space and in the forest. The task is to teach children the correct behavior in unfamiliar areas - on the one hand, and on the other - to show how volunteer scouts work: what knowledge and skills are needed for this, whom you need to interact with, what services you need to notify, what equipment is needed for search operations.


    As part of the implementation of the strategic initiative Development of Volunteering in the Regions, the Standard for Volunteering Support in the Regions was developed at the site of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, and support was provided to the Search for Missing People Center projects, Voluntary Forest Firefighters. Together against a common misfortune and DogUrok.

    In 2017-2018, the Agency for Strategic Initiatives in accordance with step 6 of the Standard (providing information support and promotion of volunteering) developed a methodology for replicating volunteering training programs with the participation of 3 ASI projects. Testing of the programs took place at the site of the Artek ICC, where more than 700 children took part in the events during thematic shifts.

    In order to pilot the methodology, the programs were launched in the All-Russian Children's Center Ocean on the territory of Primorsky Krai, where the Standard is being implemented.

    Source: Website Editorial