the investment

arrangements to improve the investment climate in russia

A congenial investment climate is largely characterized by the quality of government processes: from the promptness of enterprise registration and the ease of connection to the power grids to the procurement of permits for the construction and the development of competition. Furthermore some administrative barriers to the business development in the Russian Federation, exist at regional and municipal levels.

Agency for Strategic Initiatives implements the series of projects related to the creation of favorable conditions for business, the attraction of investments in the Russian Federation and the improvement of the effectiveness of the regional management teams.

Simplification of procedures for doing business

Road maps are the action plans prepared by the participants of the working groups of the National Business Initiative (NBI) and aimed at improvement of the investment climate in the Russian Federation. Road maps are approved by the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation and are aimed at simplifying, cheapening and acceleration of acting business procedures on the territory of the Russian Federation. As the benchmarks of the successful implementation of the road maps the annual Doing Business index of the World Bank, as well as the indicators of the competitive environment OECD PMR and the indicators of entrepreneurial activity New Business Density are selected. The target of the implementation of road maps of NBI is Russia's entry into the top 20 countries on the investment climate in 2018.

Road maps of the National Business Initiative (NBI)

Administrative procedures

  • Corporate
  • Regulatory
  • Valuation
  • Tax
  • Registration
    of companies
  • Property


  • Acces to purchases of the gevernment
    companies and the publick
    owership companies
  • Promotion of competition
    • Medicine
    • Medical
    • Air transport
    • Oil product
    • Communications
      services market


  • Procurement of perms
    on construction
  • Crid

International economic activity

  • Streaming
    of custom

  • Promotion in foreign
    markets and export

Monitoring of the road map implementation

Development of investment infrastructure

Regional Investment standard

The Regional investment standard is a key project of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives to create the favorable conditions for doing business in the regions. The standard includes the 15 best investment practices used by the most economically successful regions.

The Regional Investment Standard is an opportunity for businesses to influence the government decisions. This feature is implemented on the basis of the effective platform for communication, which essentially represents the Standard.

The implementation of Standard is based on the assessment of the business efforts of the regional authorities for the implementation of a Standard requirement. All business communities and associations are involved in this process.

Successful practices
Participating regions
Regions completed
the implementation
The strategy in the region
Busines conditions
Guarantees to investors
1Investiment strategy 2Plan for the creation of investment and infrastructure projects 3Annual Message 4Regulation on protection of investors' rights and suppert mechanisms for investment activities 5Council on improving the investment climate 6Organization for investment Attraction and Investor Relations 7Infrastructure investors (industrial parks, technology parks) 8Training Tools 9Investment potential 10Uniform regulation of investment support with regard to one stop-shop principle 11Investment declaration of the region 12Regulatory Impact Assessment Procedure 13Direct communication channels with the management of the region 14Inclusion of energy consumers in the REC 15Training, improvement and evaluation of competence of the regional command

Attraction of investments
in the regions of the Russian Federation

Relevant and reliable information about the conditions of the doing business and the investment opportunities in the Russian Federation

Analytical map. Selection and comparison of regions by 60 indicators.
Profiles of regions. General information, industries, costs, transport, logistics and infrastructure.
Contact Details of the corporations for development and the representatives of regional authorities.
Support measure guide. Searchable database of measures of State support for business by different parameters and comparing proposals in the regions

Evaluation of the effectiveness of management teams

National rating of investment climate in the Russian Federation

Since November 2014 the Agency for Strategic Initiatives in collaboration with the leading business associations carries the full deployment of the National rating of the investment climate in the Russian regions throughout the country.

Rating evaluates the efforts of authorities at all levels in the regions in accordance with the creation of the business environment. Most of figures are based on the surveys of regional entrepreneurs. It is planned to interview more than 50 thousand entrepreneurs across the country and up to 3 thousand experts which are able to give a weighted assessment of the institutional environment quality in their regions.

According to the results of the pilot testing of the National ranking in 2014, the best practices of interaction of the regional authorities with the businesses on optimization of the existing policies and procedures of public services are identified. These practices form the basis for educational programs established by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives in cooperation with the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation.

Purpose of the rating

The purpose of the rating is to evaluate the key factors creating a favorable investment climate - the effectiveness of the regional authority efforts to improve the investment climate in the region.

Objectives of the rating

Assess the investment climate, including the results of the implementation of the basic tools of public policy and the improvements provided by the regional authorities. These instruments include the federal and regional regulations, road maps of the National Business Initiative, the Regional Investment Standard, as well as measures aimed at improving the investment climate.

Identify the best practices - the actions of regional authorities, which provide to achieve the best results of the investment climate development. Rating should allow not only to identify the areas of these practices. Analytical report on the results of the rating should include a description of the most effective actions of regional authorities and its recommendations to other regions of the Russian Federation.

Give reasons to the regional authorities to take effective measures to improve the investment climate in the Russian Federation via use of the best practices.

Structure of the rankings

À. Regulatory environment

  • Effectiveness of business registration procedures
  • Effectiveness of the procedures for issuing permits on construction
  • Effectiveness of the procedures for registration of property rights
  • Effectiveness of the procedures for issuing other permits and licenses
  • Effectiveness of the power supply procedures

B. Business Institutions

  • Effectiveness of the institutions that provide the business security
  • Burden on business relating to the inspections
  • Degree of doing business transparency
  • Effectiveness of the institutional mechanisms to support business
  • Quality of the information support of investors and business

C. Availability of resources and quality infrastructure

  • Quality and availability of infrastructure
  • Quality of Spatial Planning
  • Availability of land resources
  • Quality and availability of financial support
  • Quality and availability of labor resources

D. Effectiveness of SME support

  • Development level of the small business in the Russian Federation
  • Quality of the institutional, infrastructural and informational support for the small business
  • Effectiveness of the non-financial support for the small businesses
  • Effectiveness of the financial support for the small businesses

Best practices replication

Educational program on the best regional management practices of the interaction with the entrepreneurs and the optimization of existing administrative regulations

According to the results of the pilot testing of the National rating of the investment climate in the Russian Federation, the best regional practices that are described in a separate collection are revealed. The results of expert interviews with representatives of the executive authorities of the regions hold leading positions in the rating as well as the materials of these regions (information about existing practices, regulations, rules, guidelines, etc.) are used.

Analysis and verification of the best practice descriptions are carried out by the entrepreneurs operating in the field matched these indicators. The special educational activities are hold for the replication of the identified best practices, as well as for the exchange of experiences among the regions.