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In May 2015, at the meeting of the Supervisory Board of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, the President of Russia V.V. Putin approved the strategic initiative The New Quality of Life for People with Disabilities, as well as have a personal instruction of the RF Government, with participation of the ASI, to ensure, under the PPP conditions, the launching of pilot projects to organize the modern production of rehabilitation equipment. Taking into account its experience and the competences in the area of preparing and launching PPP projects, the main partner of the ASI in the implementation of this new initiative was appointed the Center for Development of the Public and Private Partnership.

Strategic Initiative ?The New Quality of Life for People with Disabilities?

Working group on the implementation of the initiative

RE Consumers

RE Suppliers

RE Manufacturers


Pavel Seleznev

Leader of the Initiative, Chairman
of the Managing Board of the Center
for Development of the PPP

An important step towards the implementation of the initiative shall be the building of an information system, which will allow taking into account the needs of disabled people for developing an individual approach to the production of the RE, providing the ability to choose products and, what is important, ensuring further social support to people using these goods.

Gulnaz Kadyrova

Deputy Minister of the Industry
and Trade of the Russian Federation

Surely, the issues of communication are becoming increasingly important with the development of the society. And we must pay attention to this problem, especially to people with reduced mobility, some health restrictions Actually, this market is formed by the Bureau of Medical and Social Expertise; they prescribe specific products from the list they are notified of. Given that we are developing, this list of RE shall be updated from time to time.

Roman Aranin

General Director of Observer, LLC

Speaking about the problems, that an end user has to face, it worth noting that actually state procurements cover at least 85 pct of the market, and only the remaining 15 pct account for direct purchases (individually or via sponsors).

Dmitry Yanin

Chairman of the Managing Board of the International Confederation of Consumer Societies

Chairman of the Managing Board of the International Confederation of Consumer Societies Dmitry Yanin proposed to structure the tasks aimed at the development of industry into separate segments and to prepare a draft of the corresponding roadmap. There is a problem of accounting, a problem of classification, a problem of interaction of social protection bodies, the Ministry of Industry and Trade in term of support for the production. If such support is required, in which form it shall be carried out: loans, grants, etc.? Taking into account the users opinion, accordingly, we are getting to the scenario of public councils with the customers. This has really a weight of a road map, because, having heard everything discussed here, I realize that the market is small, with a high pressure of the public procurement and all the accompanying drawbacks. As it was noted, 9 bln rubles is the whole market; if 85 pct is the public procurement, so live money from the population amounts to 1.52 bln rubles. And surely, counting upon these 1.52 bln rubles, it is difficult to create services such as Yandex market, where only declarations of manufacturer are published, but there is no audit of such declaration, we havent even such a level of information in this area.


share of imported RE
in the public procurement


regional costs for provision
of disabled people
with RE


of the market of RE
for people with disabilities

Structure of the Market of Medical Products for People with Disabilities

Means to facilitate the mobility

Support and tactile canes, crutches, supports, railings

Wheelchairs hand-operated (room, stroll, active types), with electric drive, small-sized

Prostheses, including endoprostheses, and ortheses

Orthopedic shoes

Means for care, medical furniture and equipment

Antibedsore mattresses and pillows

Appliances for dressing, undressing for gripping objects

Special cloths

Specials means in case of excretion dysfunctions (urine and feces receptacles)

Absorbent underwear, diapers

Armchairs with sanitary equipment

Means to improve vision and for reading

Special devices for reading talking books, for optical correction of low vision

Guide dogs with a set of equipment

Guide dogs with a set of equipmentì

Light and vibration sound signalers

Means to improve hearing

Hearing aids, including custom-made earmolds

TV sets with teletext to receive programs with closed captions

Telephone devices with text output

Voice-producing devices

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Purpose of the Initiative

Creation of a modern system for disabled people socialization due to provision of 100 pct access to high-tech and high-quality RE.


Development and implementation of a new model to organize the disable people?s access
to RE

Introducing and individual approach to the development, selection and maintenance of RE

Import substitution and support for domestic manufacturers of RE

Goals of the Initiative

Conducting the research of market for production and maintenance of RE and analysis of the consumers problems Development and launching of the information portal The New Quality of Life (RE integrator in Russia) Selection of pilot project to create RE production clusters and engineering system based on the PPP principles


Purpose of creation ? providing disable people with modern high-tech rehabilitation equipment to be selected taking into account individual characteristics, as well organization of further social support.

Main Functions of the Portal

  • For Consumers
  • For Producers
  • For Public Authorities
  • Instruction for obtaining RE (actual information on the possible ways to obtain RE)
  • Rehabilitation (list of the provided services and existing commercial and non-commercial organizations in this sphere)
  • Products and producers (access to the RE register with description of quality and technological parameters)
  • Service support (communications with the producers, service and rehabilitation center, the possibility of individualization of each RE consumer)
  • Communication support (information support for RE provision to a disabled person at all stages: from selection to maintenance)
  • Social services (assistance in employment, social adaptation, organization of care for people with disabilities, etc.)
  • Rules of the RE market (principal recommendations for RE producers)
  • Support for producers (reference information about federal and regional support measures for RE producers)
  • Procurements and forecast needs of constituent entities for RE (information of the announced procurements and forecast needs of the RF constituent entities in RE)
  • Products and producers (possibility to publish information about own production, its qualitative, technical and functional parameters)
  • Foreign experience (information about advanced technologies used in RE production and about the service support)
  • The best practices (information about the best practices of organizing disabled people?s access to RE in Russia and abroad)
  • Attracting investors (publication of prospective projects to attract investor for organization of RE production (localization))
  • Statistical data (access to statistical data on the provision of disabled people with rehabilitation equipment via the portal)
  • Register of producers and suppliers of RE (information about the activities and ranking of existing producers and suppliers)
  • Existing barriers (analysis of RE producers? activities restrictions)


Leader of the Initiative, Chairman of the Managing Board of the Center for Development of the PPP
Phone: 8 (495) 988-77-07
Curator of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, Deputy Director of the Direction Social Projects of the ASI
Phone: 8 (495) 690-91-29
Head of Research Projects of the Center for Development of the PPP
Phone: 8 (495) 988-77-07,
8 (910) 473-99-03
Director of the Department for Information Policy of the Center for Development of the PPP
Phone: 8 (495) 988-77-07,
8 (903) 166-24-86
Coordinator of the Direction Social Projects of the ASI
Phone: 8 (962) 988-95-70


German Gref

Chairman of the Boards of Trustee of the Deafblind Support Foundation

The initiative to create the Foundation was announced on April 8, 2014 at the meeting of the Supervisory Board of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives and was supported by its Chairman Vladimir Putin. This a correct and actual product.

The tradition of care for the deafblind in Russia has a 105-year history. It is interesting that it was in Petersburg, in mid-May 1909, virtually on the same days, the Charter was approved of the first such society, consisting of private benefactors, enthusiasts, devotees who drew attention to this group of disabled people, particularly vulnerable at all times. Then and now, one of the main tasks was creating conditions for development of the deafblind and drawing attention to their problem. It is important not to lose this tradition in our modern Russia.

A few years ago, my colleagues and I visited for the first time the Orphanage for the Deafblind in the town of Sergiev Posad. It was not some kind of noisy action, we just came on a weekend to help build a playground and to spend time with children. I still remember and wonder: how these children, whom nature has doomed to live in total darkness, fight for their future, learn and show the same talents as they healthy peers. After talking with them you understand: there are no difficulties that cannot be overcome. We just need to give a push, to create appropriate conditions, to bring modern technologies, and these kids are sure to overcome the disease and become full members of society.

The Deafblind Support Foundation is similar in its aims. An important role in achieving these goals belongs to us the Supervisory Board. At the same time, we are talking not only about material support by finances and organizational resources.

It is important for the members of the Supervisory Board to be involved in the Foundations activity, to help it in relying upon your knowledge and experience. And most importantly: being public persons, we have to try by joint efforts to change the attitude of our society to deafblind, to awaken in people a sense of understanding and charity. We all must become guides for deafblind in the world of sighted and hearing.

Foundation Management Board

POLIKANOV Dmitry Valerievich
President of the Foundation
NESTEROVA Anna Borisovna
Member of the Foundation Managing Board
PESKOV Dmitry Nikolaevich
Member of the Foundation Managing Board
CHETVERKINA Nadezhda Aleksandrovna
Member of the Foundation Managing Board
BIRYUKOV Ivan Vladimirovich
Member of the Foundation Managing Board
Member of the Foundation Managing Board
STANEVSKY Aleksandr Grigorievich
Member of the Foundation Managing Board

Foundation Board of Trustees

Gref German Oskarovich Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Foundation, President, Chairman of the Managing Board of Sberbank of Russia, OJSC

Belousov Andrey Removich Removich Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Foundation, Assistant to the President Of the Russian Federation

Aven Petr Olegovich Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Banking Group Alfa-Bank

Aleksandrv Anatoly Aleksandrvich Rector of the Moscow State Technical University named after N.E. Bauman

Archbishop Feognost (Guzikov Igor Mikhailovich) Bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church, Vicar of the Holy Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia, Superior of the Holy Trinity St. Sergius Lavra

Bezrukov Sergey Vitalievich Artistic Director of the Moscow Regional House of Arts Kuzminki

Brechalov Aleksandr Vladimirovich Secretary of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation and the First Deputy President of the SUPPORT OF RUSSIA

Vekselberg Viktor Feliksovich President of the Skolkovo fund, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Group of Companies Renova

Miller Aleksey Borisovich Chairman of the Managing Board of the Gazprom, OJSC

Gergiev Valery Abisalovich Abisalovich of the Federal State Cultural Institution State Academic Mariinsky Theater

Golikova Tatiana Alekseevna Chairman of the Accounting Chamber of the Russian Federation

Daikhes Nikolay Arkadievich Director of the Scientific and Clinical Center of Otorhinolaryngology of the Ministry of Public Health of the Russian Federation

Dobrodeev Oleg Borisovich General Director of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise VGTRK

Evtushenkov Vladimir Petrovich Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Joint-Stock Financial Corporation Sistema

Epifanova Galina Konstantinovna Director of the Federal State Budget Institution Sergiev Posad Orphanage for Deafblind of the Russian Ministry of Labor

Kerimov Suleyman Abusaidovich Member of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation

Kostin Andrey Leonidovich President and Chairman of the Managing Board VTB Bank, OJSC

Leblois Axel President and Executive Director of the Global Initiative for Inclusive Information and Communication Technologies

Mironov Evgeny Vitalievich Artistic Director of the State Theater of Nations

Mordashov Aleksey Aleksandrvich Chairman of the Board of Directors, General Director Severstal, OJSC

Neroev Vladimir Vladimirovich Chief Ophthalmologist of the Ministry of Public Health of the Russian Federation, Director of the R&D Institute of Eye Diseases named after Gelmgolts

Neumyvakin Aleksandr Yakovlevich President of the All-Russian Society for the Blind

Sirotkin Sergey Alekseevich President of the Society for the Social Support of the Deafblind Elvira

Spivakov Vladimir Teodorovich President of the International Charity Foundation of Vladimir Spivakov

Topilin Maksim Anatolievich Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation

Chemezov Sergey Victorovich General Director of the State Corporation Rostekhnologii

Shakhnazarov Karen Georgievich General Director of the Cinema Concern Mosfilm