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The Relevant Solutions Store is a common information space for effective interregional exchange of the best practices in development of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation. The Agency for Strategic Initiatives, in collaboration with the federal executive agencies and experts, adapts these practices to be implemented in the Russian regions.

The Relevant Solutions Store is a collection of examples of successful regional experiences in solving urgent social and economic problems. The first successful practices for the Store have been selected by experts from among the winners of the Contests of Socio-Economic Practices, approved by federal authorities, structured and prepared for replication in other regions.

The Relevant Solutions Store will soon become part of Smarteka - the library of smart soltions by ASI.

ready-made solutions
on implementation


The implementation is based on a cooperation agreement for best practices from the Relevant Solutions Store, entered into by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives and a constituent entity of the Russian Federation. The list of the practices selected and the responsible persons shall be fixed in an appendix to this agreement. The person responsible for implementing the practices may be both a regional agency or a municipal entity of the region where the practice should be implemented.

The number of practices to be implemented is unlimited, being determined by a constituent entity of the Russian Federation itself. In case where the entity plans to implement an additional list of practices, a supplement agreement shall be signed, in addition to the previous one.


The best practices in the Store have been selected in the format of ?ready-made solutions?, each of which including:

  • 1. A detailed description of the practice
  • 2. A list of indicators which have been influenced by the practice implementation in the donor region
  • 3. A legal framework for the practice implementation in the region
  • 4. An organizational model (mechanism) for implementation
  • 5. A financial model and business plan
  • 6. Required educational programs
  • 7. Standard roadmaps
  • 8. A list of contacts in the donor region, experts in the relevant ministry, a project leader in the Agency
  • 9. An approval by the supervising federal ministries, as a sign of project quality


After singing the agreements, and not later than 40 business days after this moment, the regions must develop and sigh roadmaps for implementation of the best practices selected; within 10 business days, they must publish them in the Agency?s information system ? Region-ID.

Region-ID is a specialized automated information system, the main tool for technological support to implement the target models in the regions. Via Region-ID, the following activities are carried out:

  • information support to the implementation and planning processes; the roadmap activities aimed at the practices implementation;
  • assessment of the implementation results by public representatives of the Agency and by heads of representative offices;
  • distance training of heads and members of regional managerial teams who participate in the implementation 



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